Being a wrestling fan for most of my life, I was not able to watch live wrestling events as often as I wanted to. At the time, the WWF would come to the city, most often at Madison Square Garden, and I was unable to attend the event because I couldn’t get tickets or I wasn’t able to travel alone. Although I enjoyed watching wrestling on television, I was still missing that experience of the feelings and emotions of being at a live event. That was until a new family moved into my building and the wrestling events began. The new family on the block was not very liked at first due to their attitude and their inability to be a part of our routines and environment. It wasn’t until one day I was able to strike up a conversation with one of the sons and he invited me over to his apartment. When I walked in the place my eye automatically shifted to a portrait on their wall. There was a man wearing a championship belt who was in the typical wrestling posing stance. The picture was a few years older and you can tell the man was in good shape at that time. I asked the son who was in the photo and he explained that was his father. His father was a well known wrestler in Puerto Rico and on the East Coast and had recently opened a wrestling school. After about a year living on our block, the family put together a block party and the headline was a wrestling event. Wrestlers which mimicked true Superstars were headliners of our show. Rebel Warrior resembled Ultimate Warrior, Coco Savage looked a lot like Koko B. Ware, and the Running Renegades were fat versions of The Road Warriors. But annually for a few years, my block had it's own version of Wrestlemania. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week-Sting (TNA)

I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m not a big Sting fan. I guess I’m in the small circle of critics who thinks he could have been bigger than he is (if he could have just did a run in WWE). I also believed the early version of Sting and “The Crow” Sting is where he hit his peak. But, just when you think he’s is done and retirement is approaching, Sting pulls another trick out of his bag. These days, after a huge match he had against the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray, the man with the painted face is bringing back one of TNA’s strongest stables, The Main Event Mafia. MEM is a band of elite performers who are going to be built to eliminate the threat which has been running rampant in TNA known as Aces and Eights. Although Sting will no longer be able to contend for the title, The Icon put together another plan to eliminate the men in the leather vests.

Heel of the Week-The Wyatt Family (NXT)

They’re coming, but not soon enough! The Wyatt Family led by Bray Wyatt (who was once known as Husky Harris), are dark, creepy, and menacing. The gimmick resembles characters from Cape Fear and Deliverance but only these men, Luke Harper and Erik Rowan, make these characters jump off the screen and scare the hell out of you. The former NXT Champions are big, mean, and aggressive and they are ready to take center stage in the main roster. The Wyatt Family has been causing havoc in NXT for the past year with mind games and their ability to back up what they talk, but I can see the family making an immediate impact on the big show. They’re coming…

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