Being a wrestling fan for many years, I have seen the different styles and forms of wrestling promotions that have come and gone. From the small indy promotions who were able to throw together wrestling rings with some plywood, mats, and bungee cords to the promotions who are able to get a small backing and are able to put together a promotion which is able to generate some revenue. The one aspect of wrestling style or promotion I never really got into or understood was backyard wrestling. Now don’t get me wrong, I have done my fair share of  in the house, the playground, the schoolyard and the pool style of wrestling. But I was never able to fully understand the reason for the backyard wrestling as a way of a promotion. When I moved out of Brooklyn and into Queens, around the corner was a park. Every Friday night I would walk to the park after SmackDown to walk my dog and noticed a large group of teenagers huddled in the playground area. I assumed it was just kids being kids. But then I heard chants and cheers from the group as though there was some sort of event going on. Upon further inspection I saw teens wrestling on the playground mats – leaping from monkey bars, doing body slams and suplexes. They made their own belts and also had video cameras rolling while announcers called the matches. As simple as it looked, I thought it was pretty cool. And they had a following. The best part about it was it wasn’t like the other backyard wrestling I had seen where everything was extreme and hardcore. It was kids wanting to wrestle and entertain without the need for blood and gore. To be honest, if I were a bit younger, I might have wanted to join the promotion. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face/Heel of the Week


Face of the Week: Samoa Joe (TNA)

JOE' S GONNA KILL YOU!!! JOE' S GONNA KILL YOU!!! Samoa Joe is a wrestler who should be more over than most of the talent in WWE and TNA combined. Joe is a likable face and a destructible heel at the same time. Many people would say that Vader was the most the most agile Super-Heavyweight, but I can argue that Joe may be better. Samoa Joe has been in a number of five-star matches, has battled against those who have been considered “Best in the World” and has seen his fair share of blood, sweat, and tears. Samoa Joe had a tough time in the Bound for Glory series in 2011. In 2012, he bounced back but lost out to the top spot by James Storm. This year, Joe not only has been able to put together some opening match fire, but he was also recruited to be a member of the new and improved Main Event Mafia by Sting and Kurt Angle. The man well deserves any glory that comes his way because he is a constant professional. But I just hope Men’s Wearhouse has a pinstripe suit his size.


Heel of the Week: Austin Aries (TNA X-Division Champion)

To me, Austin Aries is my TNA version of CM Punk and although people may not agree it is the right thing to say. Both are sharp on the mic, both can bring the heat and be loved at the same time, both have great wrestling ability and both can make the other wrestler look amazing. But there is something about Aries that makes his heel work seem more devious and manipulative. He kinda has that old-time sinister villain attitude who would tie up a woman on a train tracks while twirling his mustache. But he is also brilliant with what he is given. And if it is not given to him, he finds a way to take it. This past week, the masked performer known as Suicide was able to capture the X-Division Championship away from Chris Sabin. But the “real” Suicide was ambushed and his costume was stolen. By whom you ask? Well, by the end of the evening and by the request of Hulk Hogan, the “fake” Suicide turned out to be Austin Aries. If that’s not heelish than I don’t know what other example to give you. But just note, the man with the X-Division Championship has an automatic shot at the TNA Heavyweight Champion. Aries wasn’t able to be given the honor so he found a way to take it.

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  1. Hi Jay good question on would I approve of back yard wrestling. Well as long as the ring is put up correct,good mats on the good Yes I would approve as long as the wrestlers have been trained. Not just get in the ring and have at it..You can get hurt very bad real fast if you don’t now what you are doing…

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