So, while I was watching a PPV recently I began to think of the days when having the ability to see wrestling was not as easy as these days. The Internet and a number of cable networks provide fans with the ability to view wrestling promotions and shows from around the world. Years ago, diehard fans would trade video cassettes of different companies and promotions. The biggest thing for me as a kid was the big shows that could be seen only on Closed Circuit venues, or whatever the hell that means. I would wish I was able to watch them, but as luck would have it, I ran into a video rental store which would have the shows the next day. Every Monday after school, I would run to the video store and peer through the window and see WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Starcade, and other events. The video owner played it on a constant loop for two to three days and I was pinned to the glass to capture every moment. After a few months, the store owner saw my face plastered on that glass and invited me in to watch the matches. He even had a chair outside of the Plexiglas quarters where he sat with the video so I can watch it without it looking all weird. (A grown man sitting in a small room watching wrestling together might have looked creepy.) For about two years I was able to watch Macho Man versus Steamboat, Flair doing battle with Dusty Rhodes, and every momentous encounter Hulk Hogan faced on the big stage. Once the video store closed down, it was around the same time cable TV and Pay-Per-Views came into my neighborhood and my first experience with “Hot Boxes” and stealing cable helped me to watch the big shows. But that is another story. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: Daniel Bryan (WWE)

If you guys didn’t believe Daniel Bryan was over, well here is a note, he is not! Indy fans rejoice because we knew of the man that is the American Dragon and now on the grandest stage of wrestling we can look at the other newbie, only watch mainstream wrestling show, marks and say YES! YES! YES! Daniel Bryan is the fan’s type of wrestler. He is a great performer, he is always ready to excite, and you can’t help but like the dude. Bryan looks like the smallest of the pack but has a bite that can make the biggest dogs run for cover. Now that we are seeing the demise of Team Hell No, Bryan is looking for that next wave of singles championship gold coming his way. And in case any of us in the loop has recognized, the rest of the WWE Universe has not seen not even half the things Bryan can pull off in the ring. Hold on to your seat ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Bryan is going to take us on the wrestling ride we have been waiting to see.

Heel of the Week: AJ Lee (WWE Divas Champion)

Wow! A Diva in the heel spot? One that so happens to have had a relationship with our face of the week? How did this happen? Easy. AJ Lee has captured her dream and was able to win the pink and silver strap at Payback. But, let us not just honor her with that moment. AJ also cut probably one of the best promos from a woman in a long time. Her face to face moment with the former Divas Champion Kaitlyn (Hi Kaitlyn!) was epic to the point where it brought the woman to her knees. After revealing Big E. Langston as her secret admirer, AJ pulled the ole swerve to serve up a mind game to the champ and let her know she might be able to beat her with brawn but she can defeat her with wit. But, AJ was able to show that her wrestling game and tenacity was up to par with Kaitlyn and wore her down to win the Divas crown. And with a submission at that! AJ Lee has a special place in the hearts of all nerds, geeks, and wrestling dorks and now our queen has her crown.

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