When you think of a sports-entertainment performer, what are the three things that come to your mind which make them distinctive? To me, the first thing is their catchphrase. If I walk into a room and just say “OOOOOOOOOOO yeah”, even non-wrestling fans would know that I was mimicking the late, great “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Next is signature moves, hand signals and gimmick staples. From Stone Cold’s two finger salute, The Rock’s people’s eyebrow and Ric Flair’s strut, any true fan can recognize or imitate his or her favorite wrestler and performer. Finally the most recognizable tool to know you’re a wrestler and associated with the sport is their theme or entrance music. The music separates the star and is the most identifiable tool to connect the audience to the performers. If you don’t think the music helps build a star, think again.

Years ago, performers would come to the ring without entrance music and for the few who did, it was usually something which was unoriginal and very generic. In the 1980’s with the fusion of music and wrestling which became known as “Rock ‘n Wrestling”, WWE and other promotions began to use entrance music more often. Whether it be Junkyard Dog who used Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust or Randy Savage using Pomp and Circumstance, (which, by the way I was almost thrown out of my 8th grade graduation rehearsals because I couldn’t stop doing my “Macho Man” impression when the music hit),  although unoriginal and unknown the music still tied us to our favorite stars. These days, composers are hired just to create original music for every performer. From the outlaw style music of the Aces and Eights to the hokey ballroom dance music of Fandango. the music easily helps us to separate our stars and builds on his or her character. So, with that said I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: Chris Sabin(TNA World Heavyweight Champion)

TNA World Heavyweight Champion? Really? Chris Sabin is about 100 pounds soaking wet in the rain. But, it has been done ladies and gentlemen. Chris Sabin is TNA’s Champion. After handing in his X-Division Championship for a chance at the main title against Bully Ray, which is similar to WWE’s Money in the Bank stipulation, the cards seemed stacked against Sabin. The Aces and Eights were in full force and made it clear Sabin was not going to walk out of the building as champion even if the Main Event Mafia would intervene. The road for Sabin was tough especially after his almost career-ending injury, and for a brief moment Austin Aries outsmarted Sabin for the opportunity until Sabin was able to take it back. Now after defeating Bully Ray, all sights are set on Sabin but he may be too small a guy to handle a big job.

Heel of the Week: Paul Heyman (WWE)

Before I start, I AM A HEYMAN GUY!!! Okay, now that I got that out of my system, Paul Heyman is a genius! He might not be able to handle money and other areas, but when it comes to working a crowd, getting the best out of a story angle, or taking a Superstar to the next level, Heyman has all the tools to make that happen. He’s not only a great voice box but Heyman is the type of man who could tell you are a star, make you believe it, then make the crowd hate you so much you become a Champion. This past week, Heyman set his eyes on assuring CM Punk of the pain coming his way, and in true Pauly fashion he brought the pain, courtesy of Brock Lesner. His artistry and malicious direction will be the reason Heyman will most likely be the all-time best manager of all time. His credentials and list of champions will not only be his definition of greatness but also my be his downfall.

  • Santy's Face/Heel of The Week (7/7/13-7/13/13)