Mark, buried, jobber, jobbed, juice, juicer, on the gas, green, heel, face, push, doghouse, heat, pop, going over, angle, botch, squash, cheap heat, cheap pop, cheap shot, win clean, win dirty, dirty pin, dark match, dirt sheets, drop belt, belt holder, transitional champion, five moves of doom, finisher, vintage move, gimmick, gimmick match, Gorilla position, hot tag, work, bring it home, mouthpiece, no sell, paper champion, rib, rub, ring rust, ring rat, screwjob, shoot, kayfabe, breaking kayfabe, smart, smart mark, smark, slow burn, stiff, working stiff, heel, turn, face turn, tweener turn, and worked shoot.

All of these words are just a small sample of wrestling terms which most wrestling fans use and yet have NO CLUE what the definitions are. They are used by fans recklessly to prove they are smarter than the next person. It makes my skin crawl and my rage meter read 11 over 10 when I see Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and blogging websites with a number of writers using these terms. They not only use the terms incorrectly, but they use them ridiculously too much and only end up sounding obnoxious.  Now, don't call me a hypocrite because I use these terms – I don’t use them excessively and when I do, I use them in a context in which I know the subject and know the meaning of the terms. Once I find a page with a writer overly-saturating their post with wrestling jargon, it automatically puts me in a state of nausea. For future reference, cut it out! You’re not in the creative meetings at a promotion, you are not a promoter booking an indy show in a bingo hall, and you’re not Dusty Rhodes. So stop using the terminology incorrectly and write from the heart and stop being a tool. So with that being said, I bring to you…


Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: Paige (WWE Divas Champion)

Well, well, well – for someone who considers herself the “Anti-Diva”, Paige seems to be looking really pretty holding their championship huh? Paige stepped into our world and in our hearts on the Monday Night RAW after WrestleMania 30 and has never left them. After coming out to congratulate AJ Lee on her match at ‘Mania, AJ challenged Paige to an impromptu match which Paige won quickly. After that, the former NXT Women’s Champion has been on a roll. Diva after Diva has fallen to Paige and her devastating Scorpion Crosslock. This past week the Amazon herself Tamina was forced to tap out to the move at Extreme Rules and it seems from here on out the 21-year-old is going to steam roll over the competition. Once you hear that primal scream, you know the women in the back are going to be in for some trouble.

Heel of the Week: Kane (WWE)

Guess what person in a suit was exposed to evil ways this past week? No, not Donald Sterling, but the “Masked Demon” himself Kane. After being embarrassed by The Shield and his former tag partner Daniel Bryan, the corporate personality of Kane needed to be put to rest and “Hell’s Favorite Son” needed to make a return. I have always said Kane is possibly the most underrated performer in the history of the business. This past week, we saw Kane be the monster that he truly is by stalking the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and his new bride. Kane has also been able to provide that one last push of fear to the kids as well as adults by tormenting and destroying Bryan, breaking through the ring apron, and lighting tables on fire. I am happy to see the Big Red Machine make his return, but I also hope he doesn’t become overly used and portrayed like a campy B-movie type angle character. Kane deserves better than that.