So while pondering what would be the topic for my header this week, I began to think “what kind of wrestling fan am I to not have a solid subject to open with each week”? Then it hit me, what kind of wrestling fan am I? As some may say there are levels to this fandom and I am not quite sure where I fit in. Of course there are the “noobs” who are new to wrestling and are learning the history of the sport. Then, there’s the “die hards” who can’t miss an event, watch EVERY promotion, know the history and dates, and collects TONS of merchandise. The “casual” fan watches wrestling but only when there is nothing else on and is not really up to date on what’s going on. The “smart marks” or “smarks” are the ones who believe they are insiders that they know what creative is up to, dig up personal dirt on wrestlers, know their real names and families and believe they know what’s best for the business. Also, there are the “closet” fans who don’t want anyone else to know they are fans and think it’s embarrassing to like wrestling. And finally there are the “marks” who believe wrestling is real and not staged. There may be more levels in the pantheon of wrestling, but it is the fans who keep the business alive and running. In case you’re wondering, I am a “smark” mixed with a “creative” who wants to be more involved in wrestling and has ideas for gimmicks and storylines. I would like to be a “die hard” or “historian” fan but really, I don’t have time for that. SO, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: Daniel Bryan: (WWE)

The way things are looking, Daniel Bryan may have Face of the Week for the rest of the YEAR! The man known as Goat or whatever the boss wants to title him, G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) has been riding the wave of fans who LOOOOOOVVVEEE him. Bryan is respected by the true wrestling enthusiasts and his fan base is growing like the hair on his face. Daniel Bryan is becoming “The People’s Champion” and in the past few weeks he has been giving us more to appreciate why we love wrestling. On RAW, Bryan and John Cena had an exchange during MizTV which opened the eyes of some who could not see the essence of Bryan. His compassion and love for wrestling split the fan base down the middle on whether we want wresting or entertainment. Bryan is the example of the old school ways of wrestling mixed with a new school style. At SummerSlam, Bryan was able to capture the WWE Title from John Cena in a remarkable match which brought the fans to their feet with joy, until…

Heel of the Week: Randy Orton: (WWE Champion)

Enter The Viper. Randy Orton has been in “face” mode for quite some time which has left many of his fans wondering “When does it stop”?! Well my friends, the long awaited turn happened and it happened in a BIG way. Orton cashed in his Money in the Bank after Bryan captured the crown and won the title with a little help from the ref in charge Triple H. Randy Orton did what Randy Orton was bred to do and that was to break hearts. THIS is the Randy Orton I was a fan of. Orton is smart enough to know when to strike even when that means he may need some assistance. Let’s be honest, Orton wasn’t bred to be a mid-card champion. Orton wasn’t bred to be  a“ face”. Orton’s goal is to win the big one by any means necessary. The voices Randy heard in his head at the end of the night were the thousands upon thousands of angry Bryan fans.


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