So, recently I have noticing the re-emergence of tag teams and factions in promotions. From TNA's Aces and Eights and Bad Influence to WWE's The Shield and Prime Time Players, the divisions of tag team wrestling and alliances have seen growth in popularity amongst the crowds. I have always been a fan of tag teams and their strength in numbers. Tag teams usually have a variety of members who have a certain style, finesse, strength and ability. For example, The British Bulldogs had technicality and power behind their maneuvers, The Rock and Roll Express used their agility and finesse, and the APA used powerful rough and tough tactics to take down opponents. Tag teams have a charm about them, and with the addition of a manager, help to create a threat which can take over a whole company. Although there may be a certain personality and charisma which may be larger than the team or faction itself (see Shawn Michaels of The Rockers or Bobby Roode from Beer Money), we still have to admire the work it takes to have two individual talents make a special kind of connection as a team. Although it may seem some teams are together for a short time nowadays, there is that rare occasion when we see one have a long-lasting chemistry and dominate the division. So, with that being said I bring to you…


Face/Heel Tag Teams


Face Tag TeamThe Road Warriors

 Before CM Punk was known as the “Second City Bad Boy” there were two men out of Chicago who tore up the promotion once they stepped through the ropes. The Road Warriors, or Hawk and Animal, were two massive painted-faced behemoths who meant business when the bell rang. First off, both men had power beyond belief. Hawk was the finesse but still had brute strength whereas Animal was the bulldozer. The Road Warriors battled in promotions such as AWA, NWA, WCW as well as across the globe. When the team finally arrived at the WWE, The Road Warriors had such a fan following that their name change to the Legion of Doom didn’t effect their force in the industry as well as the fear in which they had given to their opponents across the ring. Unfortunately, the passing of Hawk was the end of the tag team, and the multitude of championships and the outstanding chemistry between the two could only be matched by a small handful of tandems. As a fan, once you heard that entrance music, you knew there was going to be some mass destruction going on in the ring and The Road Warriors were the ones who were going to be the ones letting off the high power explosion. OOOOOOOOHHHHHH WHAT A RUSH!!!



Heel Tag Team-The Dudley Boyz

 23-time Tag Team Champions. Let me say that again, 23 TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! The Dudleys, Dudley Boyz, Team 3D, whatever name they come up with are worldwide and recognized as the team which dominates all. From the United States to Japan and back Bubba Ray and Devon have brought extreme pain and anguish to those they have faced. From their time in that little bingo hall in Philly to the largest event in wrestling known as WrestleMania, these two men have collected gold and served table-crashing justice to all those who doubted the horn-rimmed glasses. Bubba Ray, in my opinion, is one of the smartest men in the wrestling business and one of the most prolific wordsmiths on the microphone. As for Devon, his presence is enough to speak volumes while his brawn creates an intensity which takes the team to a higher level. From TLC matches to straightforward tag matches, The Dudleys have brought their best each and every time and have made those around them better. And once that sound of the furniture is called, everyone knows when it is time TO GET THE TABLE!

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