So, I recently had to make a decision in my personal and wrestling reporter life. I was conflicted and torn on what I should do this year. I needed to make a choice. I had to decide on buying a new living room set or a trip to WrestleMania 30. I had such a great time at last year’s ‘Mania that I wanted to rekindle that same flame again. Last year, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the activities and fun which happened in the New York and New Jersey area. My family and I were able to be a part of the interactive experience of Axxcess, we caught a Ring of Honor event which did four tapings, then ‘Mania itself, and the following Monday Night RAW. The only thing we missed was the Hall of Fame ceremony (which was not a bad thing because I heard it ran pretty long). If you have not been able to experience a WrestleMania event I greatly urge you to do so. It boggles my mind that I live in an era where I am older than one of the biggest events in sports entertainment history. There are individuals who have lived the same lifespan of the Super Bowl or the NBA Championships, but I can honestly say I have seen all WrestleManias in the years they were done. What other major wrestling events outside of WWE are still in existence? Clash of Champions is no more. War Games are extinct. WrestleMania has outlasted them all. So, of course I chose what was best for the family. We will be watching WrestleMania on our new living room set in front of our TV via the WWE Network. Hey, I love wrestling, but I love big comfy couches as well. So with that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week

Face(s) of the Week: The Usos (WWE Tag Team Champions)

Tag Teams are in pretty short supply and not as mainstream as they once were, but a tag team like The Usos have brought some excitement and a new flavor to the division. With a mixture of old school wrestling with new school style and technique, they have made tag team wrestling competitive. The Usos have a long heritage in pro wrestling and their Samoan linage speaks volumes within the industry, but they were unable to crack that championship wall until this past week where the titles were on the line against the New Age Outlaws. The legendary team has made it back into the WWE and took championship gold while everyone in the wrestling universe was still confused on why The Usos had not captured the belt. But on this Monday night the brothers finally achieved their dream and honored their Samoan blood line. UCE!!!

Heel of the Week: Ethan Carter III (TNA)

I want to applaud the former Derrick Bateman of NXT fame for being released and not feeling his road was over. In fact, the man known as EC3 has made a big splash in TNA and has aligned himself with well-off company. His “aunt” Dixie Carter has made him quite comfortable with the company and has been able to carve a name for himself. He has been in battles against legends such as Sting and Kurt Angle and has made a bond with the TNA World Champion Magnus. The man has even showed his wit and mic skills (which I always felt he had in WWE and NXT) to prove he is the blue blood bred to be the next generation in TNA. Although he has yet to fully prove himself in TNA, I expect Ethan Carter III to become a gold wearer in the near future.


  • Santy's Face/Heel of The Week (Week of 2/24/14)