So, I remember years ago when I was a kid I would open up the WWF Magazine I would always be amazed and marvel at the merchandise section of the magazine that was placed directly in the middle. If you were good enough not to damage the floppy book, you could remove the small booklet at the end of the year that had the holiday sales. The hottest selling item was (and is to this day) t-shirts of the wrestlers. Years ago, the t-shirts were the best item to show your admiration for a wrestler and that you were a true fan. The t-shirts were more direct and to the point because it was either a picture of the wrestler in a weird pose or a logo with his or her name on it. Through the years, the shirts have morphed and actually have a look of style and flair to their desigsn in which you almost don’t recognize that it’s actually wrestling apparel. The trend seemed to begin in the mid-1990s with the popularity of the designs of the NWO and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The NWO shirt was basic black and white but had a look of anarchy and independence as well as Stone Cold’s shirts which made statements against authority. This day, wrestling shirts do not even resemble the wrestling shirts of old, with cool graphic designs and images of wrestler personalities and wrestling gimmicks. The Wyatts have shirts which are dark and mysterious, Randy Orton has snakes on his apparel, and John Cena has proclamations and statements on his gear. Wrestling merchandise sure has changed in almost a 30 year span. So with that being said, I bring to you….

Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: Roman Reigns (WWE)

Well, look who has gone from most hated to a rock star in such a small window of time? Who also can be congratulated for his improvement in ring work and mic skills? It is the lone Hound of Justice himself, Roman Reigns. The former Shield member has been given the green light to be at the top of the marquee and is making the best out of the moment. With standout battles at Money in the Bank and Battleground, Reigns is trying to show that he was originally the key member of the crew that wrecked the WWE for two years. It’s hard to believe that Reigns, who still walks amongst and through the crowds, has been able to keep his composure and build on the success The Shield has already accomplished. Believe…


Heel of the Week: The Miz (WWE Intercontinental Champion)

Now for a wrestler who was loved to a wrestler who is now hated and doesn’t care about anything or anyone else but  his “money maker”. The Miz has come back from Hollywood and was quite unhappy about how the fans acknowledged his return. A couple of weeks back, Miz returned and was interrupted by Y2J Chris Jericho. Since that return, Miz has been able to slip through the cracks and build up momentum which was most recognizable in Battleground as he was an entrant in the Intercontinental Championship Battle Royale. Miz was able to keep himself hidden for some time until it was time to strike, which was when Dolph Ziggler was the last one remaining. Miz sprang into action and quickly tossed Zigs over the top rope to win the title. In all honesty the best Miz is a heel Miz.