Sorry for the delay my people but this week was packed full of wrestling action. WWE Axxess, Ring of Honor tapings, Wrestlemania and RAW have been all jammed in to my event schedule and I am burned out, in a good way of course. The best part of it all was celebrating the biggest time of wrestling while doing it with my wrestling family and friends. We are a secret society of individuals who are a friend of your friend or who have a Randy Orton entrance music ringtone. We are a society who wears CM Punk t-shirts underneath our button down business shirts. We have Hulk Hogan phone cases and Sting wallpaper. In small parties or functions we are the ones in the corner talking about why Ring of Honor is better than TNA and who is the next breakout indy wrestler who is going to be called up to one of the “Big Three”. WE are wrestling fans, we are a culture, and we are large. I recently met a good friend of mine by having a casual conversation about my writing when he became excited about my subject matter because he was a huge wrestling fan. I met another one of my good friends through our love of wrestling and now we quiz each other on wrestling trivia as often as we can. The worst person is the individual who says “I don’t like wrestling because it’s fake” but watches movies, TV shows, and boxing. Yes I said it, boxing is fake! But at least with wrestling there are storylines, characters and battles which will entertain unlike reality TV were you watch an hour of most of the programs and you ask yourself “what did I just watch”? As wrestling fans, we are proud, we are loud, and we are obnoxious! So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week


Face of the Week: Jay Briscoe (ROH World Heavyweight Champion)

Man Up! (clap clap) Man Up! (clap clap). In case you didn’t know by now we have a new Ring of Honor Heavyweight Champion and he is one half of Dem Boys – The Briscoe Brothers! Jay has reached the top of the mountain by defeating the head man of SCUM Kevin Steen at the recent ROH iPPV event Supercard of Honor VII. I found this achievement not only great for the individual but also great for the company. These two thugged out hillbillies have been with ROH since they were straight off the farm back when they were teenagers. In fact, Jay wrestled his first match at ROH withFotW Alum Amazing Red, while Mark wrestled sometime after. As a tag team, these guys have gone to war with the likes of The World’s Greatest Tag Team, The American Wolves, and The Kings of Wrestling. Now the true test of these men's (or Dem Boys) grit would be put to the test with Jay defending the gold and Mark aiming for singles gold of his own. Jay’s first title defense will be against Adam Cole at Border Wars. If Cole isn’t ready for a little bit of Redneck Kung Fu, he better MAN UP!


Heel of the Week: Dolph Ziggler (WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

If you haven’t heard, either you are not a wrestling fan or you were trapped on a deserted island without cable television or phone reception. This week on RAW, “The Show Off” himself cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase and took the World Heavyweight Championship from Alberto Del Rio. All I can say to this turn of events is IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! The wrestling community was growing impatient as the weeks passed and I began to feel if the masses would even care anymore as to when , or if, he'd cash in. But on this Monday Night RAW, in which I was lucky enough to be there live, Ziggler cashed in the opportunity and became the Champ as over 16,000 fans and the millions watching cheered. Once again, I understand the man is a heel. In fact his Twitter name is @HEELZiggler just in case anyone forgets. But the fans love him, hell I’m a Ziggler fan. The man has been over for a long time coming since he was introducing himself to everyone backstage. Dolph has come from the bottom, see him as Chavo’s caddie and a Spirit Squad member, and as the song says, now he’s here. He’s here to show the world and this past Monday night he surely did.

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