So, I am eagerly anticipating the release of WWE 2K14. Seeing as THQ is no longer involved in the development of the series 2K Sports, the creator of NBA 2K series is now the producer of the popular wrestling series. This year the main focus is the “30 Years of WrestleMania” mode in which the player will be in marquee matches from each WrestleMania. Although I enjoy these aspects of the series, I am more interested in the creation models of the game. The creation of wrestlers, shows, booking matches and PPVs and other developments make me feel like I am hands on with how a promotion and company is run. The one aspect I wish they could have expanded on was to create original specialty match. One match I'd really like to create is one which is similar to Money in the Bank but a cross promotional style match. For example, TNA, NXT, ROH, RAW and Smackdown wrestlers can compete for the briefcase and once obtained, the wrestler can cash in on any champion from any promotion. Can you imagine a ROH wrestler cashing in for the WWE Championship or a TNA star fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship? I would love to see AJ Styles cashing in on Alberto Del Rio and winning the title. I hope in the future developments there will be a way for us to get in the mind of Dusty Rhodes and create a new version of the Three Stages of Doom. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: Hulk Hogan (TNA)

I think I might have done the wrong thing and possibly put The Hulkster in the wrong spot this week. Since joining TNA, Hulk Hogan has been responsible for changing the ring from the six-sided to the standard, trying to have Impact to go head to head against RAW, recycling storylines from 15 years ago, and the dagger to the heart which is to take TNA on the road for televised events. Even with those levels of bad business and even worse booking, Hogan’s name and star power still was able to keep TNA somewhat afloat. Then, Dixie Carter, who is now a heel and couldn’t bring pure heat if I gave her a lighter and gasoline, proposed that Hogan stand alongside her to get rid of talent which is taking up space such as AJ Styles. After a week of waiting and a gold watch, Hogan decided to jump ship and quit. I guess it was the right thing for Hulk to walk away from the disaster he created but stood tall in knowing what was right for the talent and the company. Well, maybe Hogan shouldn’t be in this section…

Heel of the Week: Antonio Cesaro-(WWE)

Once again, I think I might have these roles reversed this week. Antonio Cesaro has been over since the moment he walked through the curtain. Cesaro has made huge accomplishments since starting in the WWE such as winning the U.S. Title. He also was part of possibly the best match of 2013 against Sami Zayn in NXT. Although he is part of the ridiculous stable which consists of Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter, Cesaro has proven to be the shining star of the group. Cesaro has shown how impressive he can be in the ring and his feats of strength have been amazing but his next exhibition is even more astounding. Cesaro has added to his arsenal The Giant Swing and has done it ON A GIANT! The Great Kahli was a victim of the move and I was amazed Cesaro was able to have such a large number of revolutions.

Antonio Cesaro should have a bright future and I can see a giant push coming his way.


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