Since I was I kid, I always had a flair for the theatrics. I was the kind of child who loved the spotlight and never was afraid to stand center stage. From school plays to movie auditions, I found it natural to speak scripted lines or improv when called upon. I have been lucky where I have been in television programs, music videos, or stage productions, but the one thing which eluded me until a couple of years ago was doing commentary on a wrestling program or promotion. Growing up, I never wanted to be the wrestler in the ring. Sure I wrestled in the park, in my house, or on dirty mattresses with friends, but I always enjoyed the “Mean” Gene or Gordon Sully role. I preferred to cut a promo as a manager rather than as a ring performer.  I always felt comfortable in front the microphone and would love to be involved in front of the camera or on the radio talking wrestling or being a part of the on-air personalities. I recently have done some play by-play and color commentary as well as interview segments for an indy promotion, and I must say it felt like if I was doing it with the biggest promotion in the world. I hope in the future I can find more gigs in hopes they will open doors to other outlets. My point to all wrestling fans, it’s great to follow and purse your dreams whatever they may be, but always have a safety net or other options just in case. There are other options available but you can still enjoy what you love to do in another aspect. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week:  Adrian Neville (WWE NXT)
Unfortunately NXT, the developmental promotion for WWE, does not air on United States networks. In fact, I would usually have to search the Internet or on YouTube and play “connect the episode”. Thank goodness a listener of the show informed us NXT is available on Hulu so now I’m all caught up. The one wrestler who I saw bring it to the ring constantly for every episode is “The Man Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville. This guy has intensity in so many levels all wrapped up in a small package. With a blend of strength, speed, and agility Neville has put together some high quality matches most notably with Sami Zayn and the NXT Champion Bo Dallas. In his match with Dallas, the match was set in a Lumberjack-style and both men were tearing up the inner workings of the ring. That is until Neville brought his high-flying assault outside of the ring and basically took at a majority of the lumberjacks. If it wasn’t for the assistance of Tyler Breeze, Adrian Neville might have been the champion as I write this. I have a feeling we may see more from this young man in the near future and he may get his ticket punched for the main stage.
Heel of the Week: Bray Wyatt (WWE)
They’re coming…. and DAMMIT they have brought in a new ally! Bray Wyatt and his family members may have done the impossible…and that is recruit the biggest fan favorite of 2013. Bray Wyatt has finally convinced the WWE Universe‘s “Superstar of the Year” Daniel Bryan to join his flock. I must say, Bray and his magical way of manipulating words and charming charisma actually made sense to The Bearded One. On RAW, we heard and saw a legion of Daniel Bryan fans ask the universal question of “Why, Daniel why”? Bray Wyatt is man that can lead a horse to water AND make him drink. Speaking of drinking, Bray Wyatt has made us all drink his Kool Aid and watch us as we “Follow the Buzzards”. For those of you who missed the twisted dark heels of years past, Bray Wyatt has re-invented the mold and changed the landscape of height in the “Creep Factor”. And I must say, although I hate the fact Bryan is a Wyatt Family member, I think I might have taken a sip from the cup as well…
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