Why do we love wrestling? Why do we find ourselves plastered on our sofa every Monday or any other day of the week watching men and women doing battle in a squared circle? The battle of good and evil is contested while we watch and the excitement will be thrilling and shocking. But how do we get to that peak moment of climactic proportions? The promos, or short interview segments, are the groundwork to why we tune in every week for the continuance or conclusions of storylines. When Hulk Hogan hit the screen in the 80’s  for those two-minutes, he made you believe you can be a Real American by “saying your prayers and eating your vitamins”. When the Four Horsemen were on the television bragging about the money, the clothes, and the women you loved to hate them. Through the years, promos have become more edgy, somewhat risque and more scripted. The recent most memorable promo was the CM Punk “Pipebomb” segment. Since then, the art of the promo has pushed wrestlers to take their persona to a new level and be more genuine with their execution. But when you have that special person who can jump on a microphone and captivate the crowd with charisma and personality, those are the few minutes when you realize that individual is a star. From a catchphrase to a signature movement, those are the moments when a person is recognized as “money”. So, with that being said, I bring to you…


Face/Heel of the Week


Face of the Week: Mark Briscoe (ROH)


Last week the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Jay Briscoe was our Face of the Week, so why not add his sibling to the honor of our pages as well? Mark Briscoe may be a year younger than his brother, but he may be the more talented of the two (please don’t hunt me down Jay). Mark has been the anchor of the Briscoe Boys and can be an asset to any promotion, whether it is as a team or in singles competition. This past week, Mark was involved in a Five-Way Scramble with Mike Mondo, Cedric Alexander, BJ Whitmer, and Caprice Coleman and to be honest, I am not a big fan of those Fatal Four Way type of matches, but this one was better than I would have imagined. The battle was for the number one contender spot for the ROH Television Title. The action was face paced and if you blinked you would miss the abundance of spots which would have blown your mind. I was lucky enough to see the match live but was excited to watch it again at home. With Jay coming out on top, Dem Boyz are looking to hold the top gold prizes as singles competitors ya hear! Reach for the sky boyz!


Heel of the Week: Fandango (WWE)


I can’t believe I am actually admitting to this, but yes, I too am marking out to Fandango. Look, I was a fan of Johnny Curtis for some time. While at NXT, the guy provided he can work in the ring. He also knows the business and is a fan of it, but when they repackaged him and gave him the Fandango persona, I was disappointed and confused. Then, WWE brought him out with this elaborate entrance with a dancer and kooky theme music. For weeks, he trolled the audience by not wrestling because anyone who was in the ring could not pronounce his name correctly. Then at  Wrestlemania, he was able to defeat “The Ayatollah of Rock n' Rolla” Chris Jericho by a roll up. The next night on RAW, the crowd made him a star and even now his theme song has climbed the charts. “Fandangoing” is sweeping the nation as the new dance sensation after the Harlem Shake. And rather than embracing it, as a true heel, Fandango shuns the crowd and disregards his newly found fame. Say it with me now, FAAAAAAAANNDAAAAAAAANNGOOOOOOOO!