Being a wrestling fan and watching it on television is the norm, but going to an actual event and seeing the wrestlers go out at center stage is a great experience. If you are ever given the chance to see a wrestling event live, do yourself a favor and prepare to enjoy an experience which is one like no other. First off, wrestling is different from other sports because of how the fan base and audience are all followers who speak and know the same language. Unlike other sports events where half the crowds are corperate heads and business stiffs, wrestling fans have a strong fan base who know their allegiances and favorites. (And this is for the big promotions.) The best experience is when a true fan is at an indie promotion and is able to be up close and personal with its stars. The sound the ring makes when a heel is slammed to the mat, the cheap generic or old school music played over gym speakers, and the sounds of the wrestlers when they are put in an arm bar or a wristlock is what makes wrestling what it is and the atmosphere is almost as if you are in a rock concert, football game, and a religious event all at once. To this day, I get criticized for being my age and a big wrestling fan. As I said for many years, I don’t care what the non-fans say, I love wrestling and I will always be a wrestling fan. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face/Heel of the Week (Fan Edition)

Good for Fans: WWE

WWE has been the most noticeable and most recognizable franchise in sports history in the same regards as the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, and L.A. Lakers. The faces of the WWE are known worldwide with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, The Rock, and John Cena. The WWE has seen it's ups and downs with the fans, like the lows being WCW‘s dominance over the company for weeks on end as well as the steroid allegations. But, there comes a time when a huge event in the making, a landmark staple must be made and the creation of a new tool to bring back the old wrestling fans and keep the diehard fans closer to the chest of wrestling must occur. Welcome 2014, where WWE has done something for the WWE Universe as well as new potential fans that shook up the industry. My friends, the WWE Network is upon us. A massive library of vintage wrestling, original programming, and a reduced price for all pay-per-views will change the face of wrestling and media as a whole. This will be the Netflix of Professional Wrestling. Wrestling fans, we heard rumors about this, but we didn’t think it would change the game of media as a whole. And who says wrestling is for little kids?

Bad for Fans: TNA

Look, I tried. I really, really did. As a wrestling fan I try my best to watch and support wrestling whenever possible, but at this point I have to throw my hands in the air in bewilderment of the product TNA is pushing now. The President is okay with letting her top stars go to the other promotions as well as the indies and brags about it on social media (huh?). Then, they put their major strap on a gentleman who has decent wrestling skills but has the charisma of British ale (huh?). The so-called “monster” of the company is reduced to a track suit-wearing lawyer whose storyline went a year to long (huh?). They basically destroyed the Division that had put then on the map and they (rarely) utilize it as the “got to” for pops (huh?). Not to mention, the men you brought in to become recognizable faces of the company have packed their bags and walked away before the new year. (WHAT?!) Even the man who started the company decided it was best to walk away from the shop and start again from the bottom. TNA is pretty much trying to spoon-feed the fans garbage and tell them it’s a delicious birthday cake with pretty colors and sweet tasting icing. TNA, I’m still watching…only because I like wrestling…but you are really testing my limits.

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