While looking through my work, I have come to the conclusion I have been writing to you, my people in the MTR and Internet world, for nearly a year. Yes my favorite readers and wrestling fans, Jay Santy has been a part of your life for almost a year, and I just wanted to say I have had an awesome time. Having the outlet to express my thoughts and likes of all things wrestling-related has been a dream and I have loved every keystroke I have made to express and share what wrestling means to me and the opinions of what this sport is in this day and age. I would like to thank the My Take Radio staff, who took me in and had the confidence in me and my writing. That especially goes for the Boss himself, who has given me the right words and motivational terms to help me push forward in my craft. My Take Radio is the spot for a quick reference and insightful knowledge of all things relative with those who may feel they are alone in loving certain topics, those topics which may or may not be frowned upon or ridiculed. I love the sports entertainment world of wrestling and I am pleased to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on the historic sport. I lastly (but definitely not least), thank you, the readers who have been around for this year-long ride (and have enjoyed or even disliked my work) but still showed My Take Radio some love. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week


Well, well, well, look who was able to creep out of the shadows and start off his face turn the right way. The former bodyguard of The Show-Off and Miss Lady Insane has gone from being the brawn of the Ziggler and Lee connection to holding the title in a big way. After assisting CM Punk in holding off a Ryback/Axel attack last week on RAW,  Big E. Langston got the opportunity to face Axel for the IC title and Langston won hands down. At Survivor Series, Langston squared off with Axel in a rematch and once again got a win over Axel impressively. Langston has held a major title before winning the NXT Championship so gold is an accessory he is accustomed to. Do not be surprised is you see heavier gold in Big E.’s future because believe me a man of his stature is able to hold the weight.
Heel of the Week: Roman Reigns (WWE)
Calling Roman Reigns a heel might not be fitting of this man for too long. The muscle of the super group The Shield had an explosive night this past Sunday at Survivor Series. Roman Reigns was left all alone to do battle against the opposing team, which still had it's four members left in action. Yet,  the big man took those gentlemen out in a MONSTEROUS fashion. Spear after spear, after spear, after spear – Reigns offered them up in spades. This man has both heritage and a legacy in the industry, but I also can see him as a different element in the industry. Reigns has the looks of a male exotic dancer which the ladies fall head over heels for and the explosive power all wrestling fans will leap off their seats for. Although I will be sad to see The Shield breakup (which I do see coming soon), Reigns looks poised to take the reins (pun intended) in the dominating “big man” division.
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