So, with Christmas creeping up around the corner, 'tis the season to think back of the toys and other gifts I have received in the past as well as those I would like to see in the future. Well not for me, but for my daughter who is a wrestling fan and likes to play with the action figures and other wrestling merchandise. As a kid, Santa would bring a good little wrestling fan like me gifts such as subscriptions to wrestling magazines, the big clunky WWF wrestling figures (which were made of hard rubber and could be used to knock out any would-be intruder who dared to enter our apartment without permission) and the knock-off wrestlers anyone could buy from the local merchants with the ligaments that would be destroyed just after one suplex. If I was lucky, I also was able to open up my gifts at midnight, because some Spanish households allowed their kids to stay up late to open present; and I'd be the lucky recipient of a Nintendo game aimed at pro wrestling. These days, action figures have come a long way and the video games as well are not the ones we’ve played from years' past. The toys are more detailed and have accessories which closely relate to the events of wrestling today and the video games are becoming more and more realistic with the ability to recap the events in wrestling history. This year, my daughter made her Christmas list and I was happy to see a majority of what she wanted was wrestling related. She even wanted Santa to bring daddy a CM Punk action figure, although daddy already has one (it’s just he doesn’t want to take it out the box). From my family and everyone at My Take Radio, Season Greetings to all and may everyone have a safe and Happy Holiday! So, with that being said, I bring to you….

Face/Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: CM Punk (WWE)

What wrestler can you name that was able to take down the three-man wrecking machine known as The Shield? Okay…I can wait. Well, I’ll tell you. That man is known as The Best in the World  – CM Punk. In these past few weeks, we have seen Punk pair up with the G.O.A.T. Daniel Bryan then go head-on full steam against (in my opinion) the Stable of the Year. At WWE’s TLC PPV, Punk was able to withstand a three-on-one handicap match and basically singlehandedly broke down each member of the super team. Once Punk was able to take out the powerhouse Roman Reigns, it was at that exact moment where Punk showed why he is the “best” at what he does. Also, as luck would have it, The Spear Machine for The Shield missed his target and nailed one of his own which helped Punk secure the win. I expect to see some highlights and new accomplishments from CM Punk in 2014 and I hope Santa is able to give him the championship spotlight which we have not seen in some time.

Heel of the Week: Randy Orton (Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

I am happy to say that I am an Orton fan. It wasn’t until CM Punk and Daniel Bryan came into the WWE that Randy was my top guy in the company. Many people hate Randy because they say he may be boring or lack the drive other wrestlers may have, or even that he mocks the system he is a part of. But I think the total opposite. Orton has shot high above what his legacy has laid out before him. His mic skills remind me of the old school style of promos, and his ring work is far superior to most in the game. At TLC, Orton faced off against his long time opponent John Cena to unify the two top belts in the sports entertainment world. Although once again many felt this match was lackluster, I felt this match was bigger than was showed. Both men laid it on the line with Orton CLEANLY winning. The re-emergence of the Age of Orton is among us and I feel the Apex Predator does not get his just dues. Say what you want, this holiday season Randy Orton has the biggest belt in the game draped around his shoulders and “Bah Humbug” to all of you who are not happy about it.