So, while I sit here and watch another episode of RAW I think about how many wrestling programs are spread out during  the week. If a PPV is on during said week in my area Tuesday is the only day without a wrestling show. Also, the Internet provides a fan with the ability to watch wrestling at any given moment. From old wrestling programs to social media and websites providing content, wrestling fans can stay current or relive the past more than any era in the history of the business. Before the Internet media and its many pages television was that main source of programming. Raw and Nitro were the initial flagship programs of the day but each promotion had their own lower tiered and not so heavily favored shows. For WWE, Smackdown was close enough in ratings to take over the spot but other shows such as Sunday Night Heat and Superstars did not have the same star power and content to often catch the fans attention. For WCW, Thunder was the equivalent of Smackdown but was far from being able to be the show that could stand next to Nitro. WCW Saturday Night, Power Hour, and WorldWide allowed us to see the development of mid card wrestlers but still didn’t give us  the same level of entertainment as the others, These days it is almost as if we are force feeding wrestling on all mediums. But is it too much? In my opinion, I can’t get enough. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Hell of the Week

Face of the Week: AJ Styles-(TNA World’s Heavyweight Champion)
The buildup looked awfully familiar (CM Punk/Cena), the tension between the talent and power was seen somewhere before (CM Punk/Vince McMahon), and the stipulation was seen before (CM Punk contract ending), but with that you still had to root for AJ Styles. For the past two years, Styles seemed to be in a rut. The man could not get a championship run let alone a win. But after some soul-searching, a leather jacket, and teenage boy hair AJ Styles came through his dark days and battle through the Bound for Glory Series and earned the top spot against Bully Ray. At BFG, these two pulled out all stops and laid out a brawl  which put their bodies  through the ringer, one of the biggest spots came from AJ Styles, from the top rope, missed the 450 Splash onto a table outside the ring. Once Bully Ray began to pull apart the ring and expose the inner workings of the mat, it looked like it was over for the Phenomenal One. But once again, Styles was able to pull it together and make his mark again as the man who helped start TNA and become The World Heavyweight Champion once again.
Heel of the Week: Robert Roode (TNA)
In my opinion, Bobby Roode doesn’t get the respect he deserves. The man is talented in and out the ring, his mic skill is tremendous, and he has star power looks. Roode is another guy who is awaiting that one big push for the World Title but at Bound for Glory he had a whole lot of foot to get out of his mouth. After doing some smack talking about Kurt Angle and his Hall of Fame honors Angle made sure Roode knew he wasn’t going to let it slide and put the challenge forward for a match a BFG. I must say, I felt this match was going to be the match to watch and it didn’t disappoint. Angle, not being in the ring for some months, and Roode, who has been doing his best to attack all those in his way during the BFG series, took center stage and unleashed a barrage of moves that shook up the arena. In the end Roode was able to pull off the win, but not without leaving wrestling  fans in awe of a great match which occurred that night.
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