So, I have come to the realization that the wrestling of yesteryear is not the same as the wrestling of today. Wrestlers these days look deeper into setting up high spots and high impact moves as a opposed to the wear-down tactics of an old-school style wrestler. Years ago, moves like wristlocks, knee stomps, rear-naked chokes, and the headlock were used to show the crowd a wrestler had his opponent under total control and could put the squeeze on in attempt to wear down his or her rival. But in reality, the wrestlers are not to blame for the lack of this tactic being used anymore. In fact, I can put the sole blame on the fans. Fans these days are more jaded and want the big moves. Wrestlers like Randy Orton, Bully Ray, Austin Aries, Alberto Del Rio, and even John Cena are examples of grapplers who use the wear-down moves to set up “the big move”. No sooner than we see a wrestler place another in an arm bar we hear the boos and groans from the crowd. If anyone has the WWE Network (and if you are a true wrestling fan you should have it by now) take a look at the older matches and compare them to the matches now. There was a buildup and storytelling to matches. These days, the story happens outside the ring and on social media. I think chain wrestling and wear-down moves are going to fade away. The next type of move that will fade away like the Dodo bird in my opinion will be the finisher. Well, with that being said, I, bring to you….

The Face/Heel of the Week


Face of the Week: Low Ki (TNA)

Let's give a big welcome back to the United States for a fan favorite! After a long adventure in the Far East, Low Ki is back and is causing quite a stir in TNA. After coming into his home town of NYC and shaking up the X-Division, Low Ki already had his eyes set on some championship gold. But there was one man who stood in his way and that was the champ himself Samoa Joe. This past Wednesday, the #1 Contender and the Champion had what possibly many would consider a “match of the year” type match that had the purest wrestling fans wanting to watch it over and over. TNA is the type of promotion which has a revolving door for wrestlers, so if Low Ki is not signed for a long-term contract he needs to be a frequent visitor to TNA.


Heel of the Week: Brock Lesnar (WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

Well, Paul Heyman made a statement about his client and his client sure did follow through on the statement. Brock Lesnar seemed to have one hell of a time pummeling John Cena at SummerSlam. It was almost as though he was a cat playing with a mouse knowing he could eat him at any moment. The fans who were Cena supporters were in shock and the Cena haters…well, they seemed to be in shock as well. We all expected Cena to use his Five Moves of Doom and kick out at two and possibly win the Main Event, but we were totally mistaken. After 16 German Suplexes were handed out to Cena, Lesnar looked to be the monster he brags about being and Heyman looked like to be the prophet. The scary idea to ponder is, who can stop him?

Jay Santy
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