So, a few weeks back I wrote about the importance of a gimmick. From cutting your teeth in the Indys to the main stage at WrestleMania, a wrestler's gimmick is the personality the fans are connecting with – be it a heel or face. But then we are presented with gimmicks that are so god awful we aren’t sure if the person or persons behind it are joking with us or are proud of the fact the gimmick will go over. This week, WWE will be presenting the tag team known as Los Matadores, which in my heart is going to kill a tag team known as Epico and Primo – guys who have the talent but never the backing. Before Kevin Nash was Diesel or the persona you know today, he was known as a character named Oz who wore a lime green outfit with a white beard. This was someone’s interpretation of what the great and grand Wizard of Oz was supposed to look like if you didn’t find out he was a pudgy old man. Before Kane was the Big Red Monster, he was also a deranged dentist who helped clean Jerry “The King” Lawler’s teeth known as Issac Yankem. And let’s not talk about the Survivor Series reveal of the Gobbledy Gooker. Then, you have some wrestler’s gimmicks die as soon as they walk through the curtain – such as Kizarny. But some seem to be horrible coming out and end up being accepted without predicting the outcome such as Fandango. For the most part, a wrestler needs to embrace their character and make that connection with the fans, in others the gimmick should have never left the creative table. So, with that being said, I bring to you….

Worst Face and Heel Gimmicks Ever

Worst Face Gimmick: The Shockmaster (WCW)

What do you get when you put an ugly long vest and a glittery Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet on a former WWE Tag Team Champion? You get none other than the disaster himself The Shockmaster. This gimmick was so bad even his introduction to the wrestling world was an embarrassment and train wreck. After leaving WWE, Fred Ottman was thrust into an angle by his good friend Dusty Rhodes which gave him a goofy mask and a voice over by Arn Anderson. If you haven’t ever seen the footage of The Shockmaster’s entrance, go to YouTube as fast as you can. As fast as the Shockmaster tumbled over through the explosion was as fast as this gimmick disappeared. Sad to say, the gimmick had such potential to go over and I was shocked it never got off the ground. I sense sarcasm in that last sentence….

Worst Heel Gimmick: Black Reign (TNA)

Believe me, I could have bashed a ton of gimmicks in this position. Gimmicks such as Mantaur, Bastion Booger, Glacier, and the likes of others that I could have put on blast. But for the Man Formerly Known as Goldust, Black Reign was nothing but a dark copy of the flamboyant one. In fact, it was as if TNA said to Dustin “All we have to do is make it totally opposite of what you are known for. Instead of gold you are grey and instead of being flamboyant and fruity you’re going to be dark and carry a rat”. I hated everything about this gimmick so much so that I felt Runnels hated it as well through my TV. The gimmick oozed desperation and although he had a short run against The Monster Abyss, Black Reign should have stayed in the darkness of his closet with his pet rat.

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