So, as I was watching my last remaining days of WWE on Demand (which will be closing up shop at the end of the month), I am reminded of the old school days of wrestling which pulled me into my love of the sport. Watching matches from shows like Wrestling Challenge and Prime Time Wrestling as well as WCW shows, I am reminded of the tempo of which the matches would be in, how important each move was to sell and the reason why chain maneuvers were so important. These days, many wrestling fans are spoiled by the high flyers and the innovative moves which are coming from the Indies and the talent we have in development. A few years ago, the top rope suplex was considered a finishing move, but these days the maneuver is just a power move with a kick out at two. Moves such as arm bars, wristlocks and reverse chin clock are considered boring and passé. But these moves help to express wearing down an opponent and softening up a body part to execute the big finisher. Fans are jaded these days because if a person isn’t putting his or her opponent in a package piledriver neckbreaker the match is worthless and not exciting. But even Superstars of today use these holds such as Samoa Joe, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan,  but they use them rapidly and do not really put the acquired force to give the move some levity. Oh, how I miss wrestling from days gone by. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

 Face and Heel of the Week

Source: TNA Wrestling

Face of the Week: Sting (TNA)

Well, it looks like it is that time of year to put together the routine stipulation matches for the audience to begin the rumor mill with. You, know, the “Loser Leaves Town” or “You’re Fired” matches that help to stir the coffee of speculation – ESPECIALLY when it comes to Sting. Most wrestling fans have this fantasy in which Sting finally comes to his senses and cashes in on the big payday waiting for him in the WWE. The biggest match in possibly the history of wrestling is Sting vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but unfortunately for the past few years the chances of that happening have always fell short. This past week, the buzz seemed to be become more real to most. We had a match between the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus against Sting where if the champion wins the loser's contract would be torn. I must say, Sting is becoming long in the tooth but in this match against Magnus I think it was possibly the best I have seen him wrestle in quite some time. The match had it's fair share of heel run-ins and cheap shots, but Sting looked like the Sting we have seen from the early days. Unfortunately, the TNA Hall of Famer lost which was the beginning of his swan song from TNA – or was it?

Heel of the Week: WWE Creative

WWE – we must know. WHAT IS YOUR ULTIMATE PLAN AND ENDGAME FOR WRESTLEMANIA!? Honestly, I scratch my head in the hopes that there is some type of big payoff for the fans to leap out of their seats for. Around this time of year, the Road to Wrestlemania kicks off, which is the leadoff to the biggest wrestling event of the year. But for past few years, the Road to Wrestlemania has looked like its backed up with traffic with major delays due to construction issues. The Royal Rumble is the lead event which surprises you, with it's eliminations and key matchups that give us the slow roll to the big show. Well, this year it kicked off and left us all in a daze – and not in a good way. You have the biggest Superstar in the industry, Daniel Bryan (who had a great match earlier in the night with Bray Wyatt) NOT IN THE ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH!!!! Then you have a guy who hasn’t been in the business for quite some time come back and win the Rumble to steal the spotlight from guys who have been working their asses off, AGAIN!!! (See Rock) Finally, the Royal Rumble had a card that had too many questionable WTF moments. The hope is the climax gives the fans what they want at ‘Mania but alas, when was the last time WWE has done that effectively?

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