So, wrestling is a sport which has been around since the dawn of man. Men squaring off in a test of strength and stamina has been around for centuries and was one of the original Olympic sports. In the early 1900’s, wrestling became a sideshow event which was featured in carnivals and other community events. There were even specialty matches which brought upon men wrestling animals such as bears and kangaroos. In the 1940’s, wrestling then transitioned from an all-male sport to women competing in matches as well. Women were only used as eye candy as valets for male wrestlers but it was women such as The Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Mildred Burke, and Judy Grable who were able to draw money and gain a strong fan base. So much so, women at times began to gain a larger audience than some male wrestlers. Through the decades, women wrestlers have seen their fair share of popularity and cold spells. In the mid 1980’s, the WWF started their Rock ‘N Wrestling events where the main events had an up and coming women’s wrestler named Wendi Richter being managed by pop singer Cyndi Lauper with Moolah being the arch nemesis. From then on we saw our women step from outside the ring onto the apron and do battle for titles and respect. Women such as Luna Vachon, Medusa, Missy Hyatt, Francine, and Beulah McGillicuty proved they could go toe to toe with not only each other but men as well. Fast forward to these days and women wrestlers now have their own divisions such as Divas and Knockouts as well as their own promotions such as GLOW, Crush, SHIMMER, and Valkyrie. Women are showing they can put on a great show as well as a tough fight and gone are the days of catfights and mud wrestling. So, with that being said, I bring to you…


Face and Heel Women of Wrestling’s Past

Face Woman of Wrestling’s Past: Trish Stratus

Before there was AJ Lee, Velvet Sky, and Candice Michelle there was a woman who could go in the ring who was gorgeous beyond belief and could wrestle with the best of them. No, I’m not talking about Chyna, I speak of that Toronto native vixen who has given all young and old males a bit of “Stratusfaction”, The Queen of Queens Trish Stratus. I  could easily have put other ladies of her era such as Lita, Molly Holly, or Gail Kim here, but Trish took the Women’s Division to a whole different level of competition, You could see WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus  getting better and better in each of her matches. The seven time Women’s Champion not only looked good but she made  others look good as well. Trish Stratus even competed in the first and only main event on RAW against Lita for the Women's Title which had both women show the wrestling world that this gender could hold their own To this day, a mere mention of Trish Stratus makes any man smile and brings out their inner teenage boy.


Heel Woman of Wrestling Past: Sherri Martel

I could have easily put The Fabulous Moolah in this slot but there was one aspect she didn’t have that the Sensational One had – and that is a larger than life presence. Sherri Martel was as mean as a rattlesnake and could take a wrestler in her stable to the next level and make them stars. Wrestlers such as Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage, Jeff Jarrett, Harlem Heat, and Ric Flair were all in good company when they had Sherri behind them. Martel was also able to get on the mic to bring the heat and turn it up on high. And if her wrestlers upset her, she would let them know in an instant. This Hall of Famer also can wrestle like a man and hang with the best of them. Sensational Sherri was one, of (if not the best) valets in the business and if she needed to step in the ring she knew how to handle business.