As 2013 closes, I am pleased to sit here writing this and remembering how much it was a big year in wrestling – not only for us all but for me personally. This year was a jam-packed one of wrestling firsts for myself and my family. Wrestlemania and all it's goodies, the RAW after which I am a Slammy Award winner, my first Ring of Honor event, a number of indy shows and countless wrestlers I have been lucky enough to meet this year are just a few moments I was lucky enough to be a part of this year. Also, wrestling fans saw a unification of a new title, the unmasking of a monster becoming corporate, a phenomenal one win his last title with a company which he was with since day one, a young champion in an honorable ring. Also, we saw the emergence of a fan favorite whom I believe is the “G.O.A.T.” (and not the animal others may think he resembles), the breakup of a biker group, a red neck champion, and charismatic enigma make his exit from a promotion. This year has seen it's highs with the return of the flamboyant gold one as well a show-off cashing in his briefcase and winning a world title. We also saw our lows with less than stellar pay-per-views and a wrestling promotion which may be looking for a new buyer. 2013  was a year in which wrestling took a step forward and we have seen an emergence of superstars in which higher brass may not have given a chance years ago; and the hope is in 2014 is to see the trend continue and the fans to grow. From myself and My Take Radio, have a happy and safe New Year. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Year

Face of the Year: Daniel Bryan (WWE)
YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! You want to talk about a guy who is over with the wrestling universe? Daniel Bryan is that guy. What makes it even more amazing is the fact when he was a heel the crowd STILL loved him. Bryan started the year as one half of Team Hell No with Kane as World Tag Team Champions. After losing those titles, Bryan's popularity rose in a landmark tag match against The Shield. After defeating John Cena for the WWE Championship to a huge pop, Triple H resorted to a Pedigree on the new champ which helped Randy Orton to cash in for the title. Then at Night of Champions, Bryan once again won the title but was stripped of the blet the following night. But that did not stop the Bryan fan train from stopping. Even to this day, the sound of his theme music brings the crowd to a frenzy. I hope to see Daniel Bryan in a bigger scope for 2014 because The Bearded One certainly deserves the spotlight.
Heel of the Year: Bully Ray (TNA)
He went from being a multiple time Tag Team Champion to a Singles champion and still has some gold coming his way. Bully Ray was the leader of the ruthless marauders known as The Aces and Eights and to be honest, he didn’t need them. Bully Ray was a one-man-gang on his own. First he proposed to and married the boss’s daughter, he then was revealed to be the leader of the villainous biker gang while winning the TNA World Heavyweight Title at the same time. Talk about back-handed deeds? Bully even went as far to reveal the inner structure of wrestling to cause severe damage to The Icon Sting. Bully Ray has a way to make you angry and frustrated whenever he gets on the mic but yet we also want to hear more. Bully Ray should get another title run in 2014 and also piss off a lot of people at the same time as well.
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