So, the other day I was playing with my daughter and her wrestling action figures (I said wrestling action figures not dolls) and was entertained by the show we were putting on. Being an an adult and the smart mark that I am I automatically stepped into the role as the” booker” as my daughter took one of her Divas and was the special referee for the night’s card. My daughter’s collection is small but just enough to book matches such as Money in the Bank, Lumberjack, and an old school style Survivor Series match. For her birthday, a friend of the family gave her the Titantron with some theme music and breakaway stage. Amazing Red showed up from the indy scene and finally battled Rey Mysterio in a a dream match that the wrestling community has been dying to see. Shawn Michaels went head to head with the “Show Off” himself Dolph Ziggler. Triple H and John Cena battleed in a No Holds Barred match which had Triple H going through the stage.  Lastly, Daniel Bryan lost his World Heavyweight title to Randy Orton who was helped by Vicki Guerrero and Randy Orton’s twin (she has two Ortons). But the night was capped with the assist from AJ Lee, the referee who kicked Orton and Ziggler ran in to cash in his Money in the Bank to become the new champ. May be one of the best cards I have ever seen and didn’t have to pay to see it. Now THAT'S how you book a card Creative! So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Faces and Heels of the Week

Faces of the Week: The Rhodes Dynasty (WWE)
Most of you people know already I am not a big Cody Rhodes fan. I never really understood his shtick. From Legacy to “Dashing” to the face mask to the mustache, I never could see the personality with this kid. Then, he had the spotlight shined on him in this year’s Money in the Bank where he stole the match and was put over by the crowd. Following that, he was fired by the bosses because he lost against Randy Orton which could Rank in the Top 5 matches of the year. Tying it together was the return of his half-brother Goldust who tried to win back the family’s honor but fell short to Orton. This past Sunday, The Rhodes', including Big Papa himself Dusty, were in the battle of their lives and careers against The Shield and this match was a brawl. In fact, I felt this match saved what would have been a lackluster PPV. Goldust did not miss a step and looked as tough and sound as he did during the Attitude Era. Cody was sharp and packed so much energy in his small frame he possibly was the reason why Buffalo had a power outage that night. I’m still not a Cody fan, but I was excited for the win look forward to see The Rhodes' in the future, even if it may be short. As Dusty might say, there were some hard times that night for The Shield.
Heels of the Week: The Ascension (NXT Tag Team Champions)
These guys are scary. I mean really scary. Luckily we are close to Halloween and these two have the NXT gold draped over their shoulders. Conor O’Brian (a former castoff from the NXT show) and Rick Victor make up the re-creation of a stable which was just a compilation of up and comers and is now a dark shadowy couple who terrorized the former tag champs Adrian Neville and Corey Graves. The duo stalked it's prey and was able to sink their teeth into the wounded pair to capture the Tag Team titles. I am most amazed by O’Brian who started his NXT career as a cheese loving rat man and is now this haunting character that would be huge in any promotion. These two might hold the titles for some time because as of now there does not seem to be a team in NXT that has the chemistry these two men have.
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