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Santy’s Take On: Booking Revolution

While on vacation in Atlantic City, a good friend of mine was sitting in his hotel room struggling with what to do while waiting for a storm to pass. Being a huge wrestling fan he decided to check the app store on his phone to see what kind of games were available. Bypassing the shticky games dealing with cars and the zombie apocalypse offered by a certain big name company, my friend came across an actual wrestling game. What’s more is that it is free! When he returned from his few days away from relaxation he stopped by my apartment for his usual weekly visit and recounted the rain and relaxation he enjoyed. I told him how eager I was to get my hands on WWE 2K14. He immediately became excited and told me of his new discovery, Booking Revolution. MDickie, the creators of games such as Wrestling Revolution and Hard Time, put together a wrestling simulation worthy of any console. The game has it all and I am serious when I say that. Everything from booking TV and PPV matches to dealing with the death of wrestlers (yes, wrestlers can die in this game).  This game is addictive and for wrestling fans it will make you angry we have not seen this type of sim before on home consoles.

The story is pretty cut and dry. You enter as a wrestling promoter for one of the nine wrestling promotions, some you may recognize but names are changed for trademark reason just as the wrestlers. Once in you are given a roster to book, hire, fire, change gimmick, and babysit because some talent may not be happy with his or her current situation. There is an eclectic array of matches to book from singles, no ropes, and barbed wire matches. Booked matches will all be rated and earn cash depending on the level of crowd excitement. There are cut scenes in which meetings occur between performers, owners, and GMs. Decisions made affect storylines, talent improvements, and other angles. As a player you actually feel like a booker without performer resentment and the opportunity to short change the talent. Honestly, players will be entertained for hours on end.

Although the game has a high replay value the control scheme can be frustrating. Controlling the characters can run smoothly at first but sometimes the movement begins to lag and the response time from buttons slows down. I’ve experienced this on Android and iOS but I haven’t noticed any of these issues on PC. Input lag aside, the control learning curve is easy to understand and follow. I had no troubles picking up an object or pinning opponents. The game would be even greater if there were more opportunity to utilize the arenas and have more fan involvement. Regardless, the game gives the feel of being in a wrestling event down to wrestler entrances, postures and taunts.

Graphically Booking Revolution isn’t going to win any awards but it is still fun to see. The 2D graphics resemble paper cutouts grappling each other. The create a wrestler feature has tons of mix and match options as well as easy to see moves and movements. A player will be able to distinguish a body slam from a suplex. The graphics are hokey but distinguished enough that you can recognize that this simulation parodies many real wrestlers from the past and present. The audio is loud and crisp. On my Android the game’s music and sound effects can be heard from two rooms away. The music and effects built into the game are generic but I do enjoy the player’s ability to add a theme song of his or her choice from their phone. Let's just say that I have my characters come into the ring “like a wrecking ball.”

I hope in the near future that next gen consoles will have the ability to provide a wrestling game with the level of simulation and customization that this game has. Players must take care of their wrestlers because they can get injured and even die. Also, the product looks simple but you can see the game took time and effort to put together. I also suggest trying out the other MDickie games as they have the same amount of effort put in. They are similar to BR but have different themes and subject matter. Lace up your boots and put on a referee shirt, or sit behind the desk and watch the money roll in because Booking Revolution gives you the chance to do it all in the wrestling field without taking a physical chair shot to the head. This game is a whole lot of fun, and that’s the bottom line, ‘cause Redneck Rosteen said so!


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