WWE: History of the WWE

Being a wrestling fan for most of my life, I can say that I have seen my fair share of memorable moments in the sports entertainment world. From the beginning of Hulkamania, the rise and fall of WCW, when ECW went extreme, the “Montreal Screwjob” and many other moments have been embedded in my mind and have given me the ability to share my knowledge of wrestling with my daughter. Although I don’t consider myself a historian of wrestling where I remember dates and event names down to the slightest detail, I am fascinated with and enjoy reading and watching documentaries and biographies about wrestlers and the business. For this reason I was excited to watch WWE’s 50 Years of Sports Entertainment on DVD . I have been a fan of the WWE since it was known as the WWF and have followed it's development and transitioning for many years. From the different eras to it's branching out into movies and other areas, I feel the WWE is a powerhouse of not only wrestling but the true meaning of the word “entertainment”.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not a diehard wrestling historian, but I will say the WWE’s 50 Years of Sports Entertainment DVD is the type of documentary for those who are either a novice or unaware of the WWE’s history. If you are an individual who is well versed in the WWE of years' past through the present, this just might be a DVD that will refresh your memory. The DVD gives the viewer an introduction into the McMahon family’s beginnings in the boxing world to their transition into wrestling. From then on, the documentary takes off into how the structure of the WWWF changed not only how East Coast wrestling was done but it's effects across the country.

50 Years of Sports Entertainment indulged in an area in which I thought they would shy away from, which was the steroid allegations in the 1990's. Not many people knew about this or understood why the WWE and Vince McMahon were brought into Federal court, but the DVD shed some light on the events that transpired in the case. And of course the “Monday Night Wars” and “Attitude Era” were discussed as well, with insight on how the battle brought the best out of both companies as well as the end result.

What I enjoyed most about the DVD is the Bonus Disc which had matches from years ago that may have only been seen by a few fans. Matches with such wrestlers such as Bruno Sammartino and Superstar Billy Graham as well as Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania are a few pluses in the three disc set. Of course I watched the CM Punk Pipebomb segment over and over again and tried memorize it as best as I could. As I said earlier, novice wrestling fans who need a WWE history lesson would greatly appreciate this DVD.

WWE’s 50 Years of Sports Entertainment was a DVD which lived up to it's name. It was entertaining as well as informative. I was disappointed that the bonus discs did not have more vintage matches. I would have liked to see the old school style brawler matches compared to the technical style of matches we have today. I also wished these DVD were longer. I wouldn’t have minded the DVD to be at least an hour longer. (I guess I’m going to have to wait for the 75th Anniversary of the company for that.) I say this DVD is a fun watch and with it's commentary from Superstars from the past, present, and future the DVD seemed to fly through it's minutes with how much I enjoyed it. Thus, this DVD is a must see and a great addition to any library.

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