The Art of the Heyman Hustle

For many of us, the American dream is to have the home, a family, a profitable and enjoyable career, education, and financial stability. To achieve those goals we must strive to work hard, put our nose to the grind and push through our struggles and hardship to achieve the brass ring. But for some, these goals come much easier. The work is there but intelligence, learning human behavior and environment, and the gift to be born with charisma only is given to a few. With those traits the one work ethic which becomes a key to success is the hustle. If you are able to manipulate a situation to your advantage with a few words and a smile, you have the first instrument in the ways of the hustle. Paul Heyman’s life and career is the true representation of what can be defined as that hustle.

Ladies and Gentlemen My Name is Paul Heyman is a documentary which aggravated me in the greatest of ways because I wished I had known of this man’s success 20 years ago. This account of a person's life is the one I most admire among the many documentaries I have seen in the past. I don’t want to give a long rambling review of the DVD because in the end I want viewers to look for themselves and see what hard work and a bit of wit and finesse can do for a person. My editor may not like that someone like me (who may be such a master with vocabulary and never short on wanting to expressing my views) does not want to do an in-depth look about the Paul Heyman story; but just as person does not want to reveal the ending of a suspense movie or the killer in a crime book, I just want to leave it in the public’s hands to go and find out what this tale is fully about.


From Dangerously to Heyman

Paul Heyman is a man who is hated by most but is truly loved by those who respect what he has done for the business as well as his peers. Heyman has never been one to bite his tongue and can easily be the heel in the wrestling world, but his love for the business and his commitment and loyalty to those in his circle makes for a character and a person who is easy to embrace. From his early days as a child entrepreneur to his move into his love of wrestling, to becoming one of the principle promoters and owners of one of the most influential wrestling companies in the history of the business, Paul Heyman is the truest example of one living the dream.

The second part of the DVD is filled with Paul Heyman’s promos and interview segments and I am still in awe of how a man with no theatrical training can present such verbiage with preciseness and clarity. It is a gift a classically trained drama student wishes they could execute. I can honestly say that I have never heard Paul Heyman stumble on a line, fumble a promo, or even speak inarticulately. The man is a constant professional and to this day has possibly the best mic skills in the game.


My Name is….

There have only been two WWE documentaries which have captured my attention. Randy Orton’s Evolution of a Predator and CM Punk’s Best in the World  Both are possibly the two better docs in the WWE’s massive library. Both were a bit more edgy and let the subject take somewhat of a grasp of what they wanted the viewers to see and gain the sense of realism of their lives as opposed to the theatrics of their profession. Not only was Paul Heyman’s documentary inspiring and motivational, it also helped to get a better understanding through short scenes and words his truths about what happened in his professional career. He also put to bed the stories and gossip of what was said about the man. It’s hard to believe that Heyman is not even in his 50's and has a persona marred in controversy and success that envies those of an elder statesman. Paul Heyman is possibly the best wrestling manager in the history of the business but he is also an example of what the mind can create and cultivate with luck and the ability to want to purse your dreams. And if you didn’t know his name before, Heyman would be the type of gentleman to hand you his DVD and direct you to the title written on the front cover.

  • 3R's of RAW (8/18/14)
Jay Santy
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