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Santy’s Wishlist: WWE 2K15

So, it’s been a few months into 2014 and am still playing WWE 2K14. The reason why I say this is because around this time I am casually playing the WWE games because I am either burnt out by it or I have done pretty much all that needs to get accomplished with the game. This time around, not only am I in a cycle of other games I play, I also enjoy the gameplay and interchangeable aspects of this game. I find that this game is almost complete in its feel of being a true wrestling game. Notice I say ALMOST. There are some little additions which can make this game have an over the top feel and personality on a wrestling game. Hopefully, with 2K taking over the development fully, we see some touches to the game have to similarity to its older sibling, the NBA 2K series. For that I call this…

My WWE 2K15 Wish List


FOR THE LOVE ALL THE WRESTLING GODS PLEASE BRING BACK GM MODE!!! Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 and 2006 seemed to be the last time we saw this mode and in both games the mode was a hit from gamers. A GM Mode, or even put a new spin and make it Be a Promoter Mode, can give the gamer a more simulation-style play with a taste of RPG interactions. The opportunity to either take over a brand already in motion, draft a new roster for a brand, or create a brand from scratch can be an amazing and exciting experience. A player can have the ability to take a promotion like NXT, use current or created wrestlers, and help to be a creative success or run it out of business. Or the possibility to create a new or an independent promotion, place it on a calendar day separate from a stable show or even battle it head on for ratings can be awesome. GMs or Promoters can hire and fire talents, book matches, start long story angles, and trade or draft talent from other promotions. What can be a great addition to this aspect is this could be done online as well. Online players could book a show each week and be rated on how well the show was booked and the possibility on what the audience may be and possibly win weekly awards which can be used to better your promotion.


I enjoyed the Road to WrestleMania and the 30 Years of WrestleMania modes but I think it’s time for a complete overhaul and get the player more involved on what it takes to become a professional wrestler. I would LOVE to see a single player mode in which a player creates or uses a roster wrestler to make it to the main roster and hopefully become a champion. Players start in the Indies and must struggle to get booked in shows and hope to impress talent scouts who will then book them overseas. Once goals are met there, players then have the opportunity to tryout at the WWE Performance Center. Once a performer is able to achieve goals such as mic skill, charisma, heat and face reactions, and other out of ring skills, wrestlers then showcase their work in the ring. Player will then have to break out in NXT in hopes to get the call to the big show. During the total process, players go through different gimmick changes and crowd reactions. Once on the main roster, players work through different angles, singles and tag team matches, and battle through until you reach your main event moment at WrestleMania. It would be cool to start as John Cena, and finish with the heel Cena in the gimmick you want. This mode can be done all in a three to four-year virtual span and if a player doesn’t make their WrestleMania moment happen, the wrestler has to go back to the Indies. Now THAT'S a Road to WrestleMania!

The Great One!


The one thing the NBA 2K franchise is not shy about is updates. 2K provides the players with updated roster changes and event scheduling frequently and effectively. So why not try to add this with the WWE franchise? I never understood why companies keep producing the same assembly line titles over and over again with slight changes. With this model, companies and production teams can release a title every two years and continue to keep the fans excited with new updates and add-ons. WWE 2K15 can update the roster, wrestler attire, entrance themes, and other wrestling environments every month. Also, players can vote online to decide what new wrestler they want to see added every month or two. This helps the game’s longevity and ensures 2K a secure timeline in producing an excellent game every two years and feel the need to be rushed. PC games have done it for years and franchises need to take advantage of this on consoles.


Years ago, as a hardcore gamer, I would have loved to play against other people online and battle it out against other gamers across the globe, but now as an avid gamer playing online needs to be more appealing. For starters, an online federation can be a great place to start. Territories can be created and players can be given statuses such as Jobber, Mid-Carder, and Main Eventer and can battle for those territories' titles. Players can be single, tag teams, divas, or unknowns and have daily or weekly shows which earn points not only for winning but for other categories such as showmanship, charisma, audience viewership and other areas of wrestling. Players can be created or generated by the servers randomly. Other than that enhancement, the online modes are pretty decent and provide players with the opportunity to share and participate in different matches and creations.


To me, the controls have gotten better through the years. The gameplay has seen some changes and development as well. I have noticed the series has taken some notes from the classic wrestling games such as WCW vs. NWO Revenge and WWF Wrestlemania 2000. The WWE Universe is getting better and the AI just needs to be more precise if a player wants to let the season flow on its own rather than control all aspects of the season. Rivalries start but we see some rivalries don’t make sense, such as two faces beginning a rivalry. I started a season and altered to the “heel and face” option but once I did, the game seemed to still want John Cena to rival Dolph Ziggler even they were both faces as though it was already pre-programmed to do so. I also like how managers seem to be involved in the game and actually work as a distraction during matches. It would be cool to see more from that area. For WWE 2K15, I would like the crowd to be more involved and help to determine the status and emotion in which a wrestler is going through. More heat means the heel will be stronger and more intimidating whereas for a face, the cheers and chants make him more likely to have effective counters and emotion. Also, can I get a button to press before, during, or after a match so I can have someone attack, distract, or interfere on an opposing wrestler? But I do see that the WWE Universe Mode is getting better and hope to see some progress for the next-gen consoles.

I love my wrestling games purely on the creations and the matchups I can have happen mechanically or organically. This seems to be the franchise to bank on because either than one game which is solely looking to be for PS3 this seems to be the Madden and MLB The Show of the wrestling generation. But with that, this doesn’t mean the creations team at 2K can just sit back and rest on the success they have in their hands. They also have to remember players become bitter and jaded and recognize they will not by series' year in and year out. I even stopped buying Madden every year because the product is Xerox copied from the year before. But I do have hope WWE 2K will be growing, and I hope someone from the 2K reads this and takes some of my ideas. I don’t want any credit or money (maybe a t-shirt or two), but all I want is a game that can be fun, entertaining, and worth the $60 dollars plus which I spend for it. Can I get my own gamer version of a WrestleMania moment?

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