Hey folks, sorry for there not being an August wish list. It was a big month too, considering how quiet August can be for entertainment. Truth is, life got in the way, but here is a quick list of stuff you might have missed and wanted to check out for August:

Pikmin 3
Tales of Xillia
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
DuckTales Remastered
FFXIV A Realm Reborn
Killer Is Dead
Lost Planet 3
ArcaniA: The Complete Tale (click for review)

2 Guns
Kick-Ass 2

I was surprised at how many new games came out last month. September, on the other hand, is poised to blow August away in every department. Yes, I am laughing at you if you have to go back to school (Blade & Quark) because September is huge. Even if nothing else were coming out, September has what is probably the single most anticipated game of 2013 if not, definitely top three. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty and see what’s worth looking forward to. Remember, here at MTR, WE ACCEPT GIFTS!


Spartacus: War of the Damned

The third and final season of the Starz! original program is a favorite of MTR host Rich and chief editor Andrea. Each episode is packed with enough stylized violence, nudity and sex to make 300 say “Damn, can y’all tone it down?” If you watched this show from the beginning, you probably already have this on your radar and if not, you should check the previous seasons first. Spartacus: War of the Damned will be in stores this Tuesday, September 3rd.


From Up On Poppy Hill

(click for review)

From the creator of Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, etc., Miyazaki brings us a tale of young love during the Japanese aftermath of World War II. My Take Radio was thankfully given the opportunity to review this one so look for that this weekend. Studio Ghibli’s next home release will be available on blu-ray September 3rd.


The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Fourth Season

What do you do when you have a hit show three years running where a good chunk of your fans cannot stand the main character because she is a whiny little bitch? You change her into a rampaging evil bitch! VD is a favorite of both myself and Andrea and we spent most of this season wishing Elena would just die…again. If you like seeing hearts ripped out of their chest, decapitations and mutilations all mixed in with a sappy love story then get yourself down to your local store on September 3rd and buy this!



Not writing a damned thing. September 3rd.


Elfen Lied: Complete Collection

For my anime fans, this is one you should not miss. One of the more gory anime series of its time, Elfen Lied was one of those “what did I just see?” shows. It’s not terribly deep, but it is terribly messed up and an enjoyable watch. This one is in stores on September 3rd.


Final Destination Set

This one has a special place in Rich’s heart. The Final Destination movies were full of ridiculously unbelievable, excruciatingly painful deaths as the theme “you can’t cheat death” echoes through each film. If you need this in your collection or want the blessing of the brown man for gifting him this, hit up his amazon wish list for a September 3rd delivery.


Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Another must-have for the fantastic host of MTR! DOA5U includes the content of Dead Or Alive 5 and Dead Or Alive 5+, along with the ability to carry over any DLC you have from DOA5 and new modes and abilities. It is definitely a cash grab/triple dip, but if you do not have any of the previous versions of DOA5 it might be worth your time. Pick up Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate on September 3rd.


Rayman Legends

What was supposed to be an exclusive Wii U launch title was deliberately delayed by UbiSoft to make PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions. Even with the advantage of choice, the Wii U version looks like the one to get if you own the console. Longtime Rayman fans should look for this one in stores on Tuesday, September 3rd.



Movies, cartoons and even video games, Riddick has been slinking around in the dark for nearly fifteen years and he is still on the loose. Poised to be September’s biggest release, Vin Diesel is banking on this one to succeed so he can make sequels just like he’s done with the Fast franchise. Not mad at him; get that money, brother. Come Friday, September 6th, you had better not be afraid of the dark.


Bounty Killer

What will probably fall under the radar as a sleeper hit, Bounty Killer looks like a fun, albeit violent action movie with a cast of people you might not expect to see together. Matthew Marsden, Kristanna Loken and Christian Pitre matched with Gary Busey, Beverly D’Angelo and Eve! And let us not forget everyone’s favorite little darling from Spy Kids, Alexa Vega – she’s 25 now and DAMN, she’s twenty-five now. Check the trailer then check this out in theatres September 6th.


Star Trek: Into Darkness (3D)

This is literally the movie that made me pull the trigger on a new HDTV this year. I saw it in IMAX and then I saw a clip from the beginning running on a TV at BJ’s and I was like “Damn, this movie is beautiful.” Not to mention that I really enjoyed the story and that I like what Abrams is doing with his version of the Starfleet universe. On September 10th, journey into darkness with the crew of the Enterprise.


Supernatural: The Complete Eighth Season

I have fallen way behind on the exploits of the Winchester boys, but I keep up with the blu-rays so that I can marathon the whole show one of these days. I am kind of surprised that they have been able to keep the show fresh considering these boys beat Lucifer like three years ago. You have to wonder where does a show go from there? Still, Sam and Dean are entering their ninth season of hunting on October 8th and you can get their eighth on blu-ray come September 10th.


Killzone: Mercenary

In war, there are always sides. Who is good and who is bad is determined by the victors. One thing that is always crystal clear is the role of mercenary. They are on the side of whosoever pays them the most. This PS Vita title is going to give a whole new perspective on the human/Helghan conflict. This is going to hold hardcore fans over until the PlayStation 4 is released with Shadow Fall. Pick it up September 10th.


Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix

Sorry Xbox fans, unlike Final Fantasy 13, this one is staying in the house the Cloud built. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix is about as close as non-importing U.S. and European fans are ever going to get to the “complete” original Kingdom Hearts game. Either that or it is the complete version; I’m not sure – things get really confusing with Kingdom Hearts. Regardless, if you have never played the game but are a Disney and Square-Enix fan, this is a perfect time to jump aboard before Kingdom Hearts III comes out. Pick this one up on September 10th.


The Wonderful 101

The second game responsible for me buying a Wii U. Both of them were supposed to be launch titles and neither were available at launch, but I’m not bitter (much). Join one hundred heroes as they band together to save the Earth from the Geathjerk Armada. The heroes combine to create Unite Morphs, the only weapons capable of matching the size of the aliens and the only chance Earth has to defeat them. Get ready to save the world on Sunday, September 15th.


Arrow: The Complete First Season

The official spinoff series of Smallville had a very successful inaugural season. MTR’s Andrea had nothing but positive things to say and she is looking forward to the second season. I personally would have preferred the use of Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen, but Stephen Amell has grown on both fans of Smallville and new viewers. Entering its second season, Arrow is one of The CW’s biggest shows and I know Andrea will follow it religiously. Keep up with her reviews and pick this one up September 17th (buy an extra copy for Andrea!).


A must have for anime fans. I see this in the futures of both myself and Rich. The series that spawned the NES game and (unsure) maybe the Luc Besson movie. I never did get to see all of this, so I am glad that it is being released in a set. Now if they would only do the same with Crying Freeman. Is it a coincidence that such a violent anime is coming out on September 17….THE SAME DAY THAT PLAYERS WILL LOSE THEIR MIND FOR:



I’m telling you, I could write a whole article on this game right now and I have not even touched it yet. Rest assured, I will have a review out for the game that week. I have been a GTA addict since 2001 when I was listening to Lazlow and rampaging on Triads in Liberty City. The main story is going to be an insane play through and the online looks amazing. If you own a PS3 or 360, buy this game, it will be $60 well spent. If you need a new console, get the above bundle because it is packed with extras. And if you are are insane fan like myself, head over to RockStar’s website and buy either the special or collector’s edition. They give you a freakin’ blimp just for preordering! There are only nineteen days left until September 17th and I have paid in full for this one already. Help me hold on to my sanity (what little I have) until then, MTR faithful.


Iron Man 3

We all love Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, but let’s be honest with ourselves: this was not a very good movie and the only reason we will buy it on September 24th is to have the full trilogy.


The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector's Edition

Shame on Warner Bros. for this one. They already released a box set of the movies when The Dark Knight Rises released last year and now they want us to re-buy the set because they added “tons of special features.” They can go eat “tons of something I will act like I have too many manners to mention (poop),” but if you for some unknown reason do not own the movies already, this is the version to buy on September 24th.


South Park: The Complete Sixteenth Season

The madness continues as the boys from South Park enter their seventeenth season at the end of September. One day earlier, you will be able to get your hands on season 16 on blu-ray and relieve the moment Cartman accepts and learns to respect Judaism. You heard me right, that alone is reason enough to buy this one.


Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure

Not to be outdone by the upcoming Lego Marvel Universe, DC and WB Games (shocker there) unleash Scribblenauts Unmasked, giving players access to damn near the entire DC comics universe, and I really mean that. Demos show some of the most obscure characters being used along with the trinity and their more popular cohorts. I am hoping for big things from this game so that developers stop leaving out the WiiU. Look for this one in stores on September 24th.


Samsung Galaxy Note III (Slick’s Pick of the Month)

The future is here (well it will be). Samsung has finally made me look at this gargantuan phone and say “it’s really not that big.” As you can see, in my hands, it really isn’t. The Samsung Galaxy Note III is a huge step up from the Note II and it is poised to become the new productivity handheld with all the features it has packed in. That and it will be the first phone that ships with Jelly Bean 4.3 as its native OS so I expect good things from this one.


Phew! That was the longest list I have made to date. Even if I only count the stuff I want for myself, September is a huge month. I am going to have to do so much overtime to cover all of this. Thank God GTA is already paid for.

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