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Slick stops by to break down the latest gaming news alongside Rich shares his take on the microtransactions and how they are hurting not only gamers but games as well.


Video Games

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  • Blizzard jumps into the FPS genre with Overwatch
  • PlayStation takes the fight to Xbox and cable companies with their PlayStation Vue service
  • Xbox sees an increase in sales courtesy of their price drop and some solid titles
  • Who took the top game sales spot for October?





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  • Disney announces Toy Story 4
  • Marvel wants the leaker of the Age of Ultron trailer and they will take Google to court to find the person.
  • Anton Vanko will be seen in the Agent Carter series
  • Warcraft heads to the big screen in 2016
  • Matt Damon reprises his role as Jason Bourne
  • The box office belongs to Baymax!
  • Ash returns to fight the Evil Dead on the small screen
  • Doom in the new Fantastic Four film will not be the Dr. Doom comic fans know.
  • Is Aunt May getting a solo film?
  • Suicide Squad casting rumors




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