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The Blaq Comic Review: Neverboy #1



Ever wonder what happens to your imaginary friends after you grow out of them? Well, Neverboy answers that question in a way I have never seen before. Neverboy is an imaginary friend whose boy/creator Sam dies. Neverboy discovers that through the use of drugs he can stay in our world and even fabricate his own real family. Everything seems to be going great until the drugs wear off and the group that polices imaginary friends is able to find him. This story is a really cool premise that I don't think has ever been tackled, so I am definitely looking forward to where the story goes.


Art-wise this book is gorgeous. I have seen some of artist Tyler Jenkins' work before (Peter Panzerfaust – check it out if you get the chance) and it never stops being nice to look at. The color palette in this book is very interesting and really eye catching. I would definitely hang some of these pages up on my wall.


One of the things I look for in the first issue of a comic is if it grabs my attention and this one does. I want to see what else happens in this book; and if it continues to be as interesting as this first issue then they can count me as a new fan.



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