Buried City, Earth — RAGE Works has suspended Buried! indefinitely, effective immediately, for its first and last violation of the company’s talent wellness policy.

Blame SummerSlam 2016

After my deliberation, and realizing that the WWE is beyond fucked after that horrendous SummerSlam, I've decided to call it quits. Maybe it's the disgusting Universal Title, Finn Balor and Sasha Banks getting injured, Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose making me fall asleep, or the funky ass ending of the Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton match, but I just can't take it anymore. Buried! has been my baby and brainchild for well over four years, and Buried! to me was what the Ultimate Warrior was before his untimely burial in real life. So before I get gassed, I might as well go out on top and list the Best of Buried! It's been a wild ride, enjoy a brief history of the greatest brand in all of RAGE Works.

Humble Beginnings


The face that launched 1000 shovels, this picture is what lead to the creation of Buried! However, he was not the first to be Buried!, as that honor will always be reserved for Curt Hawkins. However, he and Sin Cara would later receive their own spotlight column. During this time, I was kidnapped by my ex-editor who would write about how much I adored the RAW GM, Johnny Ace. Eventually, John killed her, freed me from my prison, and I continued writing.

Blade vs. Quark

Eventually, I would go on to college where John Blade would hire an intern named Quack to replace me. This lead to a legal battle where I would return with the intern and a lawyer to take him down. Eventually, I snapped to my senses, and the normal Buried! would return. However, having three different writers was a fun experiment.

Quark Goes Solo

After a whole year of telling storylines in our articles, we decided to focus on just pure wrestling. This proved to be a good idea as the next year was full of highlights. Quark goes solo for the majority of the time with John Blade bringing extra dirt when needed.

The Buried! Show to the Present

In 2014, The Buried! Show was launched. All 20 episodes can be found here. Gone too soon. I didn't write many Buried! articles during these years, as The Buried! Show covered much of the territory, but some things needed to be in writing.

Well, folks, that's it. It's been a wild ride. Is this the end? Fuck no, Quark's Corner is still going strong and will be for a long time. But for now, it's the end of Buried!

Until we meet again, see you, space cowboy.

If RAGE Works was comparable to The Shield then Quark would certainly be Dean Ambrose. Quark brings his unique brand of madness to RAGE Works alongside John Blade for The Buried Show. Quark is also a hardcore gamer who when not burying wrestlers can be found delivering thought-provoking content via Quark's Corner.