On March 28, 2010,  the world got to see the “last match” in the legendary career of Shawn Michaels. As a wrestling fan, I truly feel old watching it all unfold. I’ve been watching wrestling since I was a kid and I remember The Rockers vs. The Hart Foundation, Michaels turning on Jannetty, his first WWF title win, Montreal and many other memories. To watch it all end, while unfortunate, is the right thing since it now allows a “new face'” to move up the rung.

Shawn Michael’s last match was against The Undertaker, whom he faced for the second time after losing to him at Wrestlemania 25. Their previous match was awesome from start to finish and quite frankly, is the measuring stick of in-ring storytelling. Their second match was more of the same, but this match had “the career” of HBK and “the streak” of the ‘Taker on the line. Both guys delivered what will be remembered as one of the best matches in recent memory.

Here is a video package capturing some of HBK’s best moments, as well as highlights from this past weekend's Wrestlemania 26.

Footage property of WWE


Footage property of WWE


Who do you think has the right combination of talent and athleticism to carry on the HBK legacy?


  1. I will got to Target now and press all the talking HBK toys for one of my fave all time wrestlers…..

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