The Hardys Add TNA Gold To The Lake Of Reincarnation


The war between the Hardys and Anthem/Impact Wrestling over the “Broken” gimmick continues to escalate with the Hardys tossing the TNA tag team championships into the Lake of Reincarnation in a video released today. Negotiations between the brothers and Impact Wrestling have progressively got worse as Impact Wrestling seeks royalties from any revenue made by the brothers while using the “Broken” gimmick as they feel the gimmick is an Impact Wrestling property. The Hardys are claiming ownership of the “Broken” gimmick since the gimmick was created by them and not by Impact Wrestling.

While the Hardys are working for Ring of Honor and will be in action this weekend at Supercard of Honor XI against the Young Bucks many sources have stated that they received an offer from WWE and may be WWE bound as soon as the RAW or SmackDown Live after WrestleMania.

My Take: The Hardys were super successful in the WWE prior to the creation of the “Broken” Universe with Matt Hardy V1 being super over during his program with MVP and Jeff having great singles runs and solid feud with CM Punk. Would love to see the Broken Brilliance on RAW or SmackDown? I definitely would but WWE will not want to give Impact Wrestling any money when they have so much Hardys footage and merch they can crank out without even touching the “Broken” gimmick. Mania and the two shows after will be interesting to watch that's for sure.

Would you like to see the Hardys back in the WWE?