If you have been a wrestling fan since the 80's there is no villain fans remember more fondly than The Iron Sheik. Sheikie ended the reign of WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund and had a slew of wars with legendary names like Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior and of course Sgt. Slaughter.

The Iron Sheik recently announced an indiegogo campaign to bring his life story to his fans. In true Shiekie fashion his announcement was gold as usual.


We start to make a movie, documentary, about my life. How I bodyguard of Shah, how I was gold medal wrestling champion, how I was #1 WWE champion, how I was the real shooter and not like that dog dick Hulk Hogan. But now we need the help of the fans. So if you have the heart, if you have the balls, please help support my documentary on the indiegogo and to make the REAL film for the REAL fans about the REAL legend.

God bless!”

-The Iron Sheik

In order to get the documentary made their target goal is $100,000 and with 43 days left they are almost at 20k. This documentary will give fans a glimpse into every aspect of Sheik's life and is definitely worth funding. Here's what they are looking to do with the 100k they raise.

 The $100,000 we are trying to raise will help us cover some of the costs of production and post-production, including equipment rentals, locations, music, insurance, and legalities associated with making a film.  A portion of the funds will also go towards his much-needed ankle and double knee surgery.  This won’t cover all of our costs, so hopefully we can raise even more than our goal. Everyone who makes a contribution to the campaign will receive a perk.

If you guys want to help get Sheik's story out there feel free to donate via the widget below or be humbled!