The Viper now has an opportunity to challenge for the WWE championship at any time and the RKO was a big part of his victory this past weekend. While the video from the MITB RKO is not available I figured I would share some of my favorite RKO  moments with you guys. While Blandy Boreton gets a lot of shit from me the fact is he has delivered his finisher in a number of awesome ways and that can't be denied. Which was your favorite?

10. RKO out of Cena‘s Attitude Adjustment

9. RKO on CM Punk -Wrestlemania 23 MITB

8. Mid Air RKO on Christian

7. Killing Carlito dead at Unforgiven 2006

6.Top rope RKO on CM Punk at Extreme Rules 2011

5.RKO on Punk once again at Wrestlemania 27.

4. RKO on Cena with a steel chair

3. RKO on John Morrison

2. Cena RKO assist.

1. RKO kills Evan Bourne dead