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Show Notes

“All About the Benjamin!”

The milestone centennial event is finally here! Jay Santy and TRSS celebrate 100 episodes with foolishness and friends. Just Daniel and Joey Sikes stop by to talk sports and JLewis77, a long time listener checks in on the happenings of sports at St. Louis. Also on this special episode:

  • Where TRSS goes after 100 episodes.
  • NCAA student-athletes and money.
  • Lavar Ball pulls son out of school.
  • NFL weekly picks, reviews, and previews.

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Jay Santy
Jay Santy brings his passions of mainstream and independent wrestling to RAGE Works/ My Take Radio. You can always count on Jay to deliver razor-sharp commentary on all facets of the business. His Face/Heel of the Week column has been a staple on both MTR and RAGE Works.