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Show Notes

Wednesdays mean new comic day but bi-weekly it means a fresh serving of comic book commentary courtesy of The Variant Issue.  The boys pull no punches when it comes to comics so listener discretion is advised!

The Pull List

  • Upcoming variant issues on our radar:
    • Thanos #5 (3/29)
    • X-Men Prime #1 (3/29)
    • Inhumans Prime #1 (3/29)
    • Bullseye #3 of 5 (4/5)
    • Captain America: Steve Rogers #15 (4/5)
    • Royals #1 (4/5)
    • X-Men Gold #1 (4/5)
  • Cable’s first appearance
  • Cable casting rumors/Deadpool 2
  • Justice League Trailer


Where’s The Beef?

  • Supergirl/Flash musical


Co-Sign Time

  • Jimbo Slyice
    • Iron Fist


  • Rich
    • Iron Fist


Awesome Places, People & Stuff Mentioned In This Episode

  • None this week


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