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Show Notes

“Fron NY to LAX

This week's episode is packed with indie wrestling goodness. Jay celebrates his 4-year anniversary as a podcaster and Olskey and Rondo trade barbs on what's going on the independent wrestling scene. One half of LAX Ortiz sits in and discusses life on the road, his thoughts on acting, and what possible company bigwigs have come calling for the duo. Also this week:

  • What is the independent wrestling standard these days?
  • Indie wrestler not happy with Marko Stunt.
  • Harley Race passes away.
  • Did Seth Rollins sends nudes to a married woman?
  • Was Hogan the first Triple H?
  • Charlotte Flair v. Trish Stratus is a go for SummerSlam
  • What we watch in wrestling.


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