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Show Notes

“I Hate Work!”

Jay is not in a good mood seeing as he's had a bad week and Olskey is still glowing after watching Deadpool 2. On this week's episode, the boys talk best movies to watch when you're alone and the memory of Owen Hart. Hank's Happy Hour returns this episode and he has tons on his mind. Also, on tap this episode:

  • CM Punk at All In announcement?
  • New promotions on the WWE Network?
  • SD Live on Fox in 2019.
  • Extended PPVs?
  • Raw & SmackDown Live Review.


Jay Santy
Jay Santy brings his passions of mainstream and independent wrestling to RAGE Works/ My Take Radio. You can always count on Jay to deliver razor-sharp commentary on all facets of the business. His Face/Heel of the Week column has been a staple on both MTR and RAGE Works.