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Turnbuckle Tabloid-Episode 73


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Show Notes

“It’s Not Always Good Going RAW”

The boys are irritated with the New York summer heat and you can hear it on this episode. Jay and Olskey are excited because they got tickets to NXT Brooklyn as well as Fire Pro Wrestling coming out in a few weeks. Olskey had a good time at a country show while Jay is happy with the turnaround Impact Wrestling is having. Also, on tap this episode:

  • WTF RAW!
  • The passing of Nikolai Volkoff and Brian Christopher.
  • Is WWE piping in chants?
  • Kane is a mayor?
  • Raw & SmackDown Live Review.


Jay Santy
Jay Santy brings his passions of mainstream and independent wrestling to RAGE Works/ My Take Radio. You can always count on Jay to deliver razor-sharp commentary on all facets of the business. His Face/Heel of the Week column has been a staple on both MTR and RAGE Works.