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Show Notes

“Wrestling is Safe, Right?”

The boys are hyped up this week because of a subject matter so ridiculous they had to honor it with an award. On this episode, Olskey is excited about the release of Spider-Man on PS4 while Jay’s blood boils over his debate on social media with a wrestling fan. Also on tap:

  • Izzy the Bayley fan wrestles?
  • Is wrestling safe?
  • Turnbuckle Tabloid’s first ever Dumbass Hall of Fame induction.
  • Batista not invited to SmackDown’s 1000th episode?
  • Sabu and Scott Steiner comments.
  • Raw & SmackDown Live review.


Jay Santy
Jay Santy brings his passions of mainstream and independent wrestling to RAGE Works/ My Take Radio. You can always count on Jay to deliver razor-sharp commentary on all facets of the business. His Face/Heel of the Week column has been a staple on both MTR and RAGE Works.