Rarely, in the world of extreme over-saturation we live in now, are we as fans ever treated to a card that is truly stacked. UFC 178 was the card that broke the current mold. The original main event of Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier might have made this the greatest card ever, but even after losing that fight we were treated with the best card of the year by far. The main event was a blowout (to put it lightly) as Demetrius Johnson basically blew Chris Cariaso out the octagon in a extremely one-sided ass whooping. It was a pretty perfect way to top off the best card of the year.

  • The Donald Cerrone vs. Eddie Alvarez fight was both fun and unfortunate at the same time. It was great seeing how far Cowboy has developed as a fighter and yet sad to see Eddie lose.
  • Connor McGregor is for real – clean cut and simple. I don't know if he can beat Jose Aldo or Chad Mendez, but they would both be crazy fights.
  • Tim Kennedy needs to shut the fuck up about his loss to Yoel Romero. He got the same amount of time to recover and got knocked out  – that was not the ref's fault.
  • Cat Zingano probably has a 0% shot against Ronda Rousey but man, is she fun to watch.
  • Dominick Cruz is back and he looks better than ever. I cannot wait to see him fight against TJ Dillashaw.


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