Jobbers, Mid-Carders, Main Eventers, John Cena. Long ago, the 4-tier groups worked together in harmony. But that all changed when the Nexus attacked!

Only John Cena, master of no selling comebacks could defeat them. A couple of years have passed and a new faction has risen, The Hounds of Justice.

This begs the question, what happened to the Nexus?

It is with great pleasure that I present to you….


I think the only proper way to start off an article about the Nexus is with its leader. Heath Slater! The One Man Band himself!

A man who is so terrible that I could  focus solely on him if I chose to! Oh wait a minute…that's been done! (Spotlight: Heath Slater covered most of the basic stuff.) But back to business. After the original Nexus slowly crumbled away, the New Nexus was formed. All the original members had to participate in “Tryouts” if they wanted to remain active members in the Nexus. All Heath Slater had to do is beat the living hell out of Justin Gabriel with a kendo stick. How hard is that? Simply decimate a guy who you'd been in a faction with for a half a year, held tag titles with, and built a decent bond with. Take that kendo stick and go to town! If Quark and I had to have a kendo stick fight, you can bet I'm swinging for the fences! Not a moment of hesitation, and I'd expect the same from Quark. But Heath Slater didn't want to hurt his good pal Justin. How sweet. Oh, and CM Punk was even gracious enough to offer himself as a sacrifice when he saw Slater and Gabriel weren't up to it.

So, Heath Slater couldn't even attack a man whom he had a good amount of disdain for. So he “punked out”, denied the Nexus, and joined The Corre. Let's just say The Corre was very short-lived. After about 3 months, Wade Barrett realized he had aligned himself with a bunch nobodies. He walked out on them, which was probably the smartest move Wade Barrett ever made. After being ditched by everyone, Heath Slater consoled himself by going on an 18 match losing streak. Then, Slater finally went up a level in his jobber status. He became a jobber to the stars, jobbing to likes of Sgt. Slaughter, Lita, Vader and even Cyndi Lauper. Heath just wants to have fun.


As a result he ended being part of a huge gang beating on the 1000th episode of RAW. After rising up the jobbing ladder, he finally reached the point that he was able to run his own little squad of jobbers. Why he chose Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre, I will never know. Ever since the 3 Man Band was formed they caused massive amounts of damage and chaos…to themselves. Currently, Slater is licking his wounds after 3MB's last failed plan when they attacked The Shield. He's been beaten to the point that his air guitar will just never sound the same. It's a rather tragic story really. But not all stories have a happy ending, especially not when you're Heath Slater.


Now that the goofball is out-of-the-way, lets follow the real leader of the Nexus, Wade Barrett. Not only was he the leader of the Nexus, but he was also the actual winner of NXT. That may not be the most prestigious accomplishment, but he was the first to do it so that's something. He took this band of misfits and formed a cohesive unit that became a dominant force in the company. Arguably his best accomplishment was forcing John Cena to join the Nexus and making a complete fool of him at every possible moment.


Absolute genius I tell you. Fast forward a few months and Barrett is exiled from the Nexus. So he moves to SmackDown with the intention of forming another dominating force in the company. Well, not all plans are good plans. Lets just say The Corre is the equivalent of Lord Tensai, an overhyped disappointment, minus the hype.


But his singles career was going swimmingly! The Barrett Barrage was in full attack! Wade was unstoppable for a few months, had a decent streak going, maybe even seemed like he was in line for a major title. Then, the Big Show curse struck! Big Show tossed Dolph Ziggler out of the ring, Barrett proceeded to slam his arm on the announce table and shout “FUCK!” as loud as he could. One could assume that Ziggler probably got banged up pretty bad, but he probably doesn't even remember that by now.


So Barrett was side lined for six months, losing all momentum he had worked so hard to build. During his absence, I guess he decided to go back to bare knuckle brawling after he healed up. Going “back to his roots” as he says.


Soon after he realized that bare knuckle brawling in alleys wasn't paying the bills. And like many Superstars, he had grown accustomed to the luxury lifestyle. So around September he decided to come back to the WWE to collect the big bucks again. He threw away his signature cape, and obtained a new finisher. The Bull Hammer elbow seems like a far more devastating finisher than Wasteland to me. Whenever I saw Barrett wrestle and watched him beat people with the Wasteland finisher, my response was always “Really? Really? Really?!”


So after returning and winning the InterContinental Championship, his first big feud was with Bo Dallas. For those of you scratching your head, he was the NXT rookie that eliminated Barrett in the Royal Rumble this year. Still doesn't ring a bell? It really shouldn't, because since then Bo Dallas has been wiped from existence. One would even say…. BURIED! So after a few pitiful matches, Barrett moved up the ladder and actually had a real feud. A feud that involved Barrett facing Sheamus about 3,000 times. Sadly that isn't much of an exaggeration, as Sheamus and Barrett wrestled a lot in that short few months. The matches were usually good, but it gets so dry seeing the same thing over and over. Kind of like watching RAW this month. The best thing to come out of that feud was seeing Wade Barrett actually get recognition for his role in the film Dead Man Down. In the trailer that they shoved in our faces every week there was not a single trace of Wade. Thankfully, Sheamus showed a clip with him actually in the film. I was starting to believe Wade was going insane and just believed he was in the movie. Now fast forward to present day. Wade Barrett is sitting comfortably in the mid-card, being a place holder for the InterContinental Championship. He will probably remain in this position for a good amount of time unless something tragic were to happen, like the WWE actually using their brains and giving their talent some more diversity. I still believe Wade Barrett has the potential to be a World Heavyweight Champion. But then again, I also have common sense.


We've covered the fake leader and the actual leader, so let's just go right to the runner-up! David Otunga is by far one of my least favorite members of the Nexus. I remember when he was with the Nexus he just bored the hell out of me. He did nothing memorable while he was with the group. The only thing he did was start the rebellion against Wade Barrett, which in turn killed off the Nexus… good job jerk. I will give him credit, he took his initiation for the New Nexus, getting decimated by The Big Show is no easy task. At least he wasn't forced to listen to a Big Show promo, no paycheck is worth that torture. While with the New Nexus, he continued to be totally irrelevant. The most exciting thing David Otunga did in the New Nexus was eat the punt kick from Orton. It was a great few weeks without David Otunga on TV. After the New Nexus just kind of vanished out of thin air, he decided to build a gimmick based off his legal background by becoming a legal advisor for Johnny Ace.


He was more of a therapist than a legal advisor, just having segments listening to all the heels complain about how terrible they're being treated.


Those segments were so sickening, and what the hell was dead the deal with his huge cup of coffee? That couldn't be coffee in there because Otunga is so boring he seemingly sucks the energy out of whoever he's talking to. That cup must have held all the excitement he'd stolen from every episode of RAW he was on. He kissed enough ass and became the captain of Team Johnny in the 12 – man tag team match at Wrestlemania.


Team Johnny was successful, although I refuse to give Otunga any credit for that victory. Then, after turning his back on Johnny he did a few terrible matches and somehow found himself working for AJ Lee. Which comes as no surprise really, Otunga has always taken a backseat when it comes to working with women. He was on a terrible reality show where he competed for the love of a woman named “New York”, who to this day I still question if she's even human.


Then he married Jennifer Hudson, who is far more famous than David Otunga will ever be. He became AJ's lackey. And his most recent venture, playing back up to Halle Berry in another WWE film The Call. Today, David Otunga spends his days riding the coattails of his wife and female co-stars. As much as I hate David Otunga, he's doing it right…getting paid to do absolutely nothing. All he has to do is put up with being Mr. Jennifer Hudson.


This concludes Part 1 of Where Are They Now: Nexus. Just so I don't overload you guys this article will be separated into 3 segments for your reading pleasure. Just remember, this is only the beginning.


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