To celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Buried Show! and the five-year anniversary of the Nexus, I present a sequel over two years in the making. I'm not writing this article for any other reason than to finish what John Blade couldn't. I take no pleasure in writing this, but I will take pleasure in finishing it. Without further to do, let's take a look at what happened to all of the Nexus once they disbanded.

Michael Tarver– Was seen texting and was fired. He then released a rap single and cried over being fired. He had potential but was a poor man's Titus O'Neil. – Buried!

Darren Young– Was brutally beat down by his Nexus brothers before becoming part of the Prime Time Players. The tag team would break up for about a year but would then reunite and become the Tag Team Champions. Sadly, this championship reign feels about three years too late. Due to The New Day being white hot, it felt wrong to take the belts off of them. However, after Titus's verbal destruction of JBL, I feel that this team could be going places…despite them being out of their prime. Yes, that's the second time I used that joke, but you wouldn't know that unless you listened to The Buried! Show: Episode-14.

Justin Gabriel– Was more or less relegated to the lower card where he either jobbed or looked kinda cool with the 450 splash. He was allegedly Adam Rose's bunny, which explains why the bunny disappeared  once Gabriel quit the company. Gabriel isn't missed because Neville fills his high flyer role without the consequences of breaking his ribs.



The New Nexus– Batista, AxelMania, and Bray Wyatt all started here. How far we've come. Also featured future UFC Light Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. David Otunga still slurps shit through a coffee mug.

Bad News King Wade Barrett– The former leader of the Nexus has had the oddest career compared to everyone else. He's been in several feuds that haven't led anywhere, won the IC Title 5 times but never elevated it, became “Bad News” Barrett but was injured and the gimmick never really was able to flourish the way it should have, and is now King Barrett after winning the King of the Ring 2015. What is interesting is that the King of the Ring feels like it was brought back JUST to take the Bad News name away from Barrett. It's like Barrett was too popular with the audience and they needed him to stay a bad guy…and he's British. While I think Wade Barrett will once again rise from the ashes and become the King of Bad News, right now he's…


Heath Slater– This fucker has already had two articles devoted to him, I'm done talking about him.- Buried!

Daniel Bryan– Another guy I have talked about extensively, and one that I've given the shovel on many Buried! Shows. His career has been pretty average, with his highlight being the host of the newest season of Tough Enough. He also has the dubious honor of being the worst WWE WHC and IC Champion in history.- Buried!

Ryback– Skip Sheffield died in Hawaii and was resurrected as Ryback. His career has also been interesting, going from a wrecking ball to a bully, to getting jobbed by CM Punk, to jobbing to everyone, to finally becoming the IC Champion. Ryback has deserved a belt and it feels good to finally see him have one. However, it sucks that his current feud features a Buried! mainstay, The Big Show. Considering the previous IC Title hunt included the likes of Barrett, R-Truth, Stardust, Ziggler, Rusev, Luke Harper, and Dean fuckin' Ambrose, it upsets me we have to use Big Show to get Ryback “over”. This makes The Big Show, as tradition…


Overall, what did we learn from the Nexus? For one, 2010 was a bad time for wrestling. John Cena was Superman to a fault. His ability to completely derail the Nexus destroyed what could have been an entire year-long reign of evil for the faction. However, due to bad booking and injury, the Nexus were Buried! by the time, Summer Slam 2010 came to a close. Furthermore, it showed that these guys were just pieces of meat and not actual characters. Besides Wade Barrett, everyone was generic and just there to jump people. This is highlighted by Bray Wyatt and Curtis Axel, whose characters were literally rebooted once they came back to WWE. On a plus, the Nexus was a great way to start a new yearly tradition of shocking summer moments…

2010- The Nexus

2011- Summer of Punk

2012- Punk's Heel Turn

2013- The Birth of The Authority

2014- Seth Rollins Heel Turn


Phew, it's finally over. I never thought this moment would come. The end of the “Where are they now: Nexus” story line. Thank you to the zero people who were waiting for this moment, it's been a pleasure. Happy Birthday to The Buried! Show!