Before I share something that happened at the RAW house show in White Plains, NY this weekend, I wanted to go on record and say that as a parent we take the happiness of our children very seriously and go to great lengths to be heroes or heroines to them.  My colleague Dave did just that by not only taking his two young sons to meet Brodus Clay at Roosevelt Field mall and then driving from Long Island to White Plains for a RAW house show. Dave and his wife got second row seats to this event not for themselves, but for the enjoyment of their kids. What transpired next not only saddened his two children but lost CM Punk some fans. While I am sure these heelish tactics are part of the show, the outcome was not something that I can honestly condone. – Rich

The following account is from Dave who attended the house show on 9/22/12 in White Plains, NY:

I attended last night's RAW Live Event in White Plains, NY with my wife and two sons, ages 11 and 9. We had terrific second row seats. Overall, the event was excellent, with some exciting matches, including Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Tensai and The Miz, Zack Ryder vs. Antonio Cesaro, and a surprisingly very good match between Layla and Eve with Aksana as the guest referee. My family is, or should I say were, big CM Punk fans until last night. We even purchased an autographed picture of him and my wife was sporting his “Best in the World” T-shirt.  My son has all of his props, as well.  To say the least, we were most looking forward to CM Punk's match against Big Show.

So, when Punk came out for his match against Big Show, I yelled out for him to throw his shirt my way so that I could hopefully catch it for my kids. He did, I caught it and gave him a thumbs up, thanking him.  He then began to yell at me to give it to a different fan.  “Give it to the girl, give it to the girl”, he yelled to me. I shouted back that I was going to give it to my son, which I did. What then shocked me was that Punk just couldn't let it go. He continued to yell at my 9 year old son as he held onto the shirt after I passed to him. This caused another fan to rip it out of my son's hands and then give it to someone else! Way to go Punk! Your antics pushed another fan into snatching the tee shirt right out of my son's hand, turning a potential really great once-in-a-lifetime experience into a bad one. If there happened to be someone he really wanted to throw his shirt to, you would think he would personally hand it to them instead of throwing it into a crowd and then acting like a big baby because he didn't throw it far enough. I understand it's just a shirt, but if Punk just left it alone, he would have made a 9 year old boy happy instead of sad. Try explaining to your child why CM Punk doesn’t want you to have his shirt.

By the way, I have tweeted both CM Punk and WWE about the incident but have yet to receive any replies.

Also, when Punk entered the ring, he snubbed a fan who handed him a program to autograph.  He took it from her, pretended he was going to sign it, then simply dropped it on the floor and sneered…really Punk, you're going to alienate even more of your fans, including little kids who still look up to you… WOW!

I lost respect for Brock Lesnar for snubbing some young children at a signing years ago, and even though I respect his accomplishments and accolades I can never cheer for him after that moment. If I had been in Dave’s shoes I would probably have been in handcuffs or worse because when it comes to kids, being a heel is inconsequential. – Rich


We posted an update to this story which can be read here


  1. Instead of being mad at the “bad guys” for being “bad guys,” your buddy should have stood up to the man who took his son’s shirt. I can’t stand parents like “Dave,” the kind that will complain to a company for someone not affiliated with them causing their children to have a bad time. Sure; CM Punk was being a heel, but the man who stole the shirt from his son is the only party at fault here. Tell “Dave” to look at the other side of things; Punk may have been giving a shirt to a make a wish girl. Or he could be a “dirty rotten scoundrel” trying to hook up with some random girl in the crowd… “Dave” doesn’t know that. Try to have some journalistic integrity, Rich.

  2. These comments are ridiculous.  It’s like none of you know what heels are or what they are supposed to do.  They aren’t even supposed to throw clothing into the crowd, and when they do, it’s always to troll someone.  That’s the entire point.  The good guys get you to like them by high-fiving and giving away free merchandise.  The bad guys tear up your signs, ignore your high-fives, and insult your town.  That’s the whole point!  There is no “keeping it in the ring”.  That’s nonsense. They are bad guys for the entire show, and they SHOULD be.  You guys can’t honestly be wrestling fans and not realize this.  Who ARE you people?!

    • ChloeMoretz Did you not see Raw? CM Punk told the crowd to shut up! Blatantly rude, he should be fired from the WWE.

      • thaShowstoppa ChloeMoretz This. At one point last night, Punk mentioned that we were booing him, when we weren’t, in fact, I was screaming at him, asking him to literally give me his clothes and tell me his religion. He didn’t remove his clothes and hand them to me wrapped in orange peel, nor did he tell me his religion. Apparently this despicable is all the act of a so called character. Well, whatever character this is, maybe he should be a part of a different TV show.

        • JubRindyMorryson thaShowstoppa ChloeMoretz This is absolutely awful.I didn’t want do it but…I’m gonna have to Tout my feelings on the subject to the WWE and hopefully start a worldwide boycott of WWE broadcasting until CM Punk is not the WWE Champion (Because he certainly doesn’t act like one!) or he is fired from his job.

  3. Hey Everyone,I got to finally corner my co-worker and discuss what transpired over this weekend. The comments here and on Reddit and 4Chan are welcome good and bad because it reinforces how passionate fans can be. I will be posting a follow up later today since we got a chance to discuss everything further. I will say that for me personally Punk did his job and damn was he effective given how quickly this story spread. For those of you new to site I’d like to say welcome and we hope you stick around and see our other content.

  4. Listening to this conversation and reading these posts is exactly like watching a car wreck, i cant look away even though I know the final results are going to be gruesome. You are aware what Punk was trying to do correct? You aware of what Heels are do you not? The point of a heel is for the person to get you to hate them at all costs. The attitude and antics of a heel consists of slimy, under-handed, shocking things that should result in negative reaction toward the person. Guess what happened in the cases you described; HE SUCCEEDED.The heels are not suppose to give no ounces of a crap about your feelings, situations, or otherwise whether you are a fan of them or not. Heels get you to hate them. That is what great heels do. Do not expect a reaction out of WWE about this or some type of punishment, it is not going to happen and do you know why? Because CM Punk did his job correctly and with great execution. You now dislike him, are displeased with him, and wish he does not succeed any further than he has. You are now rooting against him because of what he has done.The only reason you do not see this or care about it is because YOU and your family were the victims in this case, an event you personally thought would not happen. It has. So, please, do us all the fans who realize this a big, fat, favor; suck it up, get over it, and stop acting as if your integrity was shamed and were defeated. Punk did his job now do what a real fan does, root against him instead if thinking you and your family is so important that WWE should take action. You are one of many, stop acting and thinking you are an exception.

  5. @ClubberinTime I would’ve been honored to be yelled at by @CMPunk, i could’ve died a happy man! #BestInTheWorld #Heel

    • @imquitegood @clubberintime I was at this show. Did the guy happen to think that maybe the girl was Punk’s intended target for the shirt?

        • @ClubberinTime @imquitegood I was there w/my kid & I can understand that. Still sounds like he’s looking for his 15mins to gripe..

        • @KimbaV @imquitegood Completely agreed. I honestly don’t see the issue with it. He meant the shirt to be for someone else, not this guys kid

        • @kimbav @clubberintime Seems like he’s trying to play victim even though he was taking a shirt from a young girl! Some ‘fans’ :/

        • @imquitegood @ClubberinTime Exactly. If it were me, would I have kept it 4 my kid? Maybe, but I wouldn’t rag about Punk yelling at us. 🙂

  6. Made an account to tell you, your friend, and your friend’s family to stop being such materialistic cry babies. It’s just a shirt, and it’s just a show.

    • noshirtohwell Definitely not crying about the shirt just sharing the events with our readers and listeners for commentary. I personally am still a fan of Punk. Been following since the ROH days. Again my issue was the fan taking it upon himself to snatch the shirt. If you read my previous comments I said just that.

  7. Wow, I’m really sorry to hear that, how unnecessary of Punk. I recently went to a house show that was ruined by this sort of behaviour. The Miz’s music hit, I’m a big fan of The Miz, I love his fish out of water rise up story in the WWE, but on the day I went to see The Miz in my hometown, he not only chose to ignore my high five request, he  insulted my very town, telling us, the audience, that it sucked and that the local food joints also sucked. He then had the nerve to ignore my requested high five AGAIN, even after I screamed and waved my hand in front of his face. The Miz lost a fan that day.

    • JubRindyMorryson You think THAT was bad? I was a big Rock fan back in 2003. I was so excited when he came out to Toronto, I’d bought all of his merchandise from the WWE shop and then proceeded to buy all of his merchandise from the Scorpion King. And what does he do? He said my favourite team, the Maple Leafs, suck! He didn’t even apologise! I never was a Rock fan again, and my children won’t be allowed to be.

      • thaShowstoppa JubRindyMorryson  Don’t you people realize they are just playing a role and really don’t mean what they are saying. They were heels, the easiest way for them to get the crowd to dislike them is to insult them and talk bad about the home crowds teams and cities. If they get a rise out of you for what they said then they are doing their job correctly and you should applaud them.

        • Traderious I agree that breaking character is not something Punk needed to do. It would have ruined the mystique but the fan that snatched the shirt was a douche. If you went to the effort of catching a shirt for your kid then it’s yours. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. I like Punk and he’s being an old school heel. 

        • MTRHost Traderious You should of one-upped him in the heel department. Pretend to hand the shirt to the girl and rip it in front of her innocent eyes. Then continue to point and give a blank stare of death into Punk’s eyes throughout the rest of the night as you slowly mouth the words towards his terror-stricken eyes “Wresssttleeemaniaaa” as pyro goes off in the background.

        • thaShowstoppa MTRHost Traderious Had my co-worker done that it would have been amazing. I like your thinking thaShowstoppa 

        • Traderious No. He took it too far. I used to think The Miz was AWESOOOOOME, now I think he’s AWFUUUUUUL. It’s ridiculous and arrogant, the way these wrestlers think they can walk all over us and ignore us. I recently sent The Miz 856 messages on Twitter asking what religion he was, not only did he not respond, he didn’t send me a t-shirt, an autographed photo, and get this, he didn’t break character to tell me what a special little snowflake I am. Once this happened, I went to the store to get a bag of Skittles to calm myself down, while I was at the store, some jerk decided to rob it. Good going The Miz, look what you made happen.

      • thaShowstoppa Bad you think that was? Nay, for I shall tell you what bad be. I was recently watching a television movie programme called The Wrestlemania The XXVIIIth. The final match was Jonathan Cena against Dwayne Thine Rock Jonathanson. Jonathan Cena had made me, as a fan, a promise, that he wouldn’t lose, that he wouldn’t give up. At the 3:54:35 mark, he not only lost, but he lied to me and slapped my children. By the way, I have sent Jonathan Cena & WWE 856 tweets asking what religion they are, no response as of yet.

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