I ask myself that very question each week. Mind you – I watch neither WWE nor TNA programming live. DVR all the way – then to boot, I fast forward through pretty much all of it. So why do I bother at all, you ask? I will admit, I am a glutton for punishment. The happy-go-lucky girl in me thinks, “maybe it will get better”. But friends, the realist in me, which is the larger part than the happy-go-lucky one, knows it won’t.

I pose a question to you- does any of this sound familiar? Stale, rehashed storylines, dismal, predictable matches, reliance on writers who can’t come up with anything worth watching, wrestlers with real talent being constantly buried, and to top all of this off, g–damn geriatric old WCW talent that keep on being pushed into the spotlight. Yes, I am sure it does. We call this WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown and TNA Impact. The sad part is, with all the money these shows generate, I can pretty much guarantee it will be this way for the immediate future. Money > Quality folks. It is what it is.

Here are my main gripes. Matches are pretty much the same every other week. If you’ve seen John Cena wrestle Wade Barrett once, you’ve seen it a million times. Kennedy versus RVD? Yup, have seen that too. Don't even get me started on the bullshit that is the Divas and Knockout Division – seriously, that's a post for another day. Come on people! I hereby predict that the Raw on June 7th will be 65% the exact same as the Raw show from last week. Please, give me some new stuff, new storylines that aren’t shiteous, and some new talent. Why do you bother having a Tough Enough series when you will most likely bury whomever wins to either Mason Ryan or Maryse? Unacceptable. I honestly sit through these shows with Rich and say what will happen next. Like clockwork. “Wait for Nexus run-in”…..and there’s Nexus music. I say it every week – I should get paid to write for WWE.

Fingers and toes to count how many times we've seen this

Oh, and hey TNA – what the frack happened to you? We went to a house show on Long Island a few years back, right before TNA went more mainstream, and I must say, that show was better than any WWE event I ever went to. Real wrestling, no stupid drama, and a meet and greet with talent right after – for free! This I can guarantee will never happen again with this Hogan/ Bischoff shit. They have taken a company that had so much potential, and made it a carbon copy of WWE. I cannot express in words how disappointed I am in the change that has gone on in that company over the past few years. The TNA-born roster, in my opinion, is more talented than that of the WWE, yet all we see each week are the guys WWE has fired. Don’t get me wrong, I like Angle, Mr. Anderson, RVD and the Hardy Boys. However, I started watching Impact for guys like AJ Styles, Motor City Machine Guns, Jay Lethal, Samoa Joe, Amazing Red, Christopher Daniels, LAX, Beer Money, etc. Those guys went hard week after week and outperformed anyone on any other show. TNA was about WRESTLING. I liked that – small storylines that were realistic – not this overblown shit they have going on now. Plus, they took away the six-sided ring!!! One of the biggest things they had to make TNA stand out. They TOOK IT AWAY?!?! I am dumbfounded – and wish that Dixie Carter would magically make the company how it was. I do not want to see Hogan, Bischoff, Flair, Sting. Sting as Champion = 1996. Stop it. Plus, now they are trying for Goldberg?! I just puked on my floor. Bottom line – give Hogan and Bischoff the boot. Their ship has run its course.

Is this the only way I can get REAL TNA action?

Honestly, if it weren’t for MTR and our loyal readers/listeners, I am not sure if any WWE or TNA programming would even make it on my TV these days. That’s sad, since I have been a wrestling fan since the 80’s – idolizing The Undertaker, Bret Hart and Legion of Doom, with my fandom peaking during the days of Stone Cold and The Rock back in the late 90’s. It would be a shame to discontinue due to the stale, old hat routine that is Professional Wrestling 2011.



  1. Spot on post. I feel the same way, but I watch on Youtube. I’ve been a WRESTLING fan since birth so my parents say and the first match I actually remember seeing was Jake Roberts Vs Ted DiBiase on Superstars or Challenge on a Saturday morning in 1989. I love wrestling, and still enjoy ROH and watching classic stuff, but what I see now sickens me. I hope that something changes, wrestling has been very cyclical over the 20+ years I’ve been a fan and I hope we go back around to how things were in ’96-’99.

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