WWE Announces Talent Releases Including Barrett, Sandow, And Many Others


The annual post-WrestleMania roster purge is upon us and while some releases were expected the culling of the WWE roster is still in progress. The following superstars have been released thus far.

1. Hornswoggle & El Torito

The WeeLC match was the crowning achievement for these two and while El Torito was marketable with Los Matadores the fact is that after the team was pulled off TV and repackaged the little bull had no place on WWE TV. We may end up seeing them in Lucha Underground though as Mascarita Sagrada could always some new opponents.

2. Zeb Colter

Zeb Colter was a the top of his game with Jack Swagger and the We The People movement but after his pairing with Del Rio and his disappearance shortly after being back with Swagger his release was never a matter of if but a matter of when.

3. Cameron

The end of Funkadactyls was the death knell for Cameron who unfortunately did not improve in the ring or on the mic to stand out amongst a stacked roster of models playing wrestlers and real women's wrestlers.

4. Santino Marella

I actually did not think Santino was still considered active since his career was cut short due to the neck injury he sustained.

5. Wade Barrett

Barrett's rise was hampered by injuries and poor creative usage. The Bad News Barrett gimmick was probably his best and was squandered in favor of the useless King title.

6. Alex Riley

A lot of potential squandered with A-Ry as he had some decent matches and much like Sandow fell through the crack after programs with Miz and Kevin Owens.

7. Damien Sandow

I was genuinely bummed to see Damien Sandow and Alex Riley get released as both performers were solid and never really had a bigger platform to shine after their angles had concluded. This is especially true for Sandow who after working with the Miz just fell through the cracks. Sandow is a performer who much like Barrett will be a solid pick up for any promotion.

What are your thoughts on the releases? Share your thoughts in the comments.