After months of speculation and rumors, the WWE has pulled the plug on all-red everything as they announced the release of WWE Diva and Total Divas cast member Eva Marie. WWE issued the following statement along with a statement from Eva Marie via her Twitter account.

Eva Marie and WWE have mutually agreed to contractually part ways as of today, Aug. 4, 2017.

“Today I'm saying a bittersweet goodbye to @WWE,” Eva tweeted. “Thanks to the entire team, and YOU, my fans, for these 4 years! #AllRedEverythingForever”-via Eva Marie/Twitter

WWE wishes Eva the best in all of her future endeavors.-via

While Eve Marie's contributions to WWE were debatable she had a unique look and would have probably fared well if her wrestling had been better but sadly she never seemed to improve to a point where her wrestling looked credible and it showed.

It also did not help that she was suspended for a wellness violation last year that would have been a non-factor had she and her boyfriend hot been all over social media contesting it publicly. We never saw her on TV again after that suspension.

What do you guys think of Eva Marie's departure? Do you think there is still a place for her in pro wrestling? Sound off in the comments.


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  1. She had enough chances. I have no beef with her but she blew every single shot she got.
    She was hated because she was given enormous opportunities for being attractive that other , far superior wrestlers could not even hope to obtain without breaking their backs first.
    At best she should’ve been a valet. Keeping her there for 4 years was a slap in the face of the real talent.
    Plus, her wrestling was dangerous, I’m surprised she hasn’t murdered anyone.
    And for the love of everything, i cannot stand her vocal fry speech pattern…UGH.

    • Bx, That assessment is spot on. Fans never liked the fact that she took opportunities away from more talented female performers. A valet role would have suited her well. Valet is an underutilized character in the modern era which is a damn shame as some wrestlers would benefit

      • The game needs more Heymans and Ellerings. Carmella needs to be downgraded to a valet again. The idea of her holding a belt is absolute horror.

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