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10 Characters I Would Have Liked To See In Injustice: God Among Us

Who would have made a good addition to the Injustice: Gods Among Us roster?

Injustice has been out for a few weeks now and the news of new DLC characters has been met with mixed reactions. While most gamers were excited about seeing Lobo others thought Batgirl joining the game tipped the roster in Batman’s favor as there are a lot of Batman rogues and allies already in the game. The announcement of Scorpion was met with disappointment in some circles and was criticized on air quite a bit. I have to commend Jim Lee on the awesome Scorpion design and would love to see Lee redesign all the characters in future MK titles but with regards to Injustice I feel Scorpion was not needed. Here are some great characters that would have made solid DLC additions to the game. Their order is totally random so do not think we want some characters over others.

Plastic Man

While Plastic Man is not mentioned often he is a character that his been around for quite some time. I remember the old days of watching the Plastic Man cartoon and I think adding into Injustice would introduce new fans to what is considered pop culture’s silliest superhero.

Captain Atom

Captain Atom has always been a character with extreme potential that has never been utilized. Now that is a prevalent in the DC’s New 52 it would be a smart idea to get him out in front of people not familiar with him.


While it’s easy to use Ares as Wonder Woman’s villain the fact is that Cheetah has been a thorn in Wonder Woman’s side for a long time and would have been a better addition to flesh out the DC heroes villainous counterparts.


A staple in the Teen Titans series it’s a shame she was left out. We have Cyborg, Nightwing and Deathstroke already in the game so why not give another Teen Titans mainstay some game time.


I am sure some of you are saying “Isn’t she a Batman character?” While she is part of the Batman universe she is also a mainstay in more mystical side of the DCU. I was torn in choosing her over say Deadman or Constantine but either of these three would be worth seeing in action.

Black Manta

Every hero has one or two villains that appear in Injustice and it bothered the Black Manta did not get showcased against Aquaman. While I am not the biggest Aquaman fan I always liked how their stories intertwined and how Manta has evolved into a truly dangerous threat over the years.


While a case can be made that another Superman character is not needed I would have added him as a palette swap for Superman and then reversed commands for all his attacks. Saves a slot and alters the game play a bit. Same would apply for Reverse Flash which I contemplated adding to this list.

Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle has come a long way from the Ted Kord and Booster Gold days. A favorite that has been well represented in Young Justice would have been an interesting character to see in-game. Flight, body armor and a slew of dangerous weapons definitely would have made him an interesting addition to the game.

Swamp Thing

I have had a soft spot for Swamp Thing since watching the original film with Adrienne Barbeau and Louis Jourdan that was directed by the legendary Wes Craven. I even enjoyed the sequel with Heather Locklear which I am sure some of you will give me shit for. Honestly after seeing those films and owning the toys I became extremely interested in the books. It would have been interesting to see how NetherRealm would have treated this extremely unusual character who’s roots go all way back to the 70’s.


While I could have added any of the Watchmen the fact is there is no member more iconic then Rorschach and I think gamers and comic fans would not have expected someone from this series in the game. I almost went with Dr. Manhattan but Rorschach is a personal favorite of mine.

Honorable Mentions

  • Booster Gold
  • Brainiac
  • Robin (Damien Wayne)
  • Gorilla Grodd
  • Firestorm
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