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Amazon Announces New Fire HD 8 Models

When it comes to quality and value there are few tablet manufacturers that can pull off those two qualities effectively but Amazon has consistently made...

4W Product Review: Remo+ DoorCam

When it comes to smart home security options, there are a ton of different pieces of tech at your disposal. Most folks gravitate towards...

The Looking Glass (Play NYC 2018)

As I roamed the show floor at Play NYC yesterday, I saw many cool games. Right before I left, I saw something that was...

Logitech Acquires Blue Microphones

Logitech has been increasing their company offerings at a pretty rapid pace. It feels like only yesterday that I shared the news of them...

Elgato Announces $100 Mini Stream Deck

When it comes to stream games Elgato has you covered from start to finish. From green screens to shortcuts Elgato gives the streaming community...

Toys & Tech of the Trade: RAGE Works' Slick (2018)

Who are you and what do you do? Handel Williams, a/k/a R.A.G.E. Works' Slick - Editor, writer and whatever else is necessary for R.A.G.E. Works....
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